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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by mini_rq, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. Do the cadets have far to much 'gucci' kit?
    was on some link that pti put on this site and found a thread about cadets and their kit. One lad , one as in singular as in posted that he had the following.

    a couple of pairs of pro boots
    drill boots (nicely studded by me)
    a full NBC suit with overboots
    a webtex ultimax 135ltr bergen (which is always on loan to my brother in law)
    about 12 packets of american MRE's (nice with the real brandnames in them too, mmm m&m's)
    my milatary KFS set (the knife on it is more like a machete, lol)
    Assault vest of sorts
    Full webbing
    Brand New unissued rifle cleaning kit with everything you need
    1 Customised Smock
    1 'SAS' Windproof smock
    1 3L Camelpak Thermobak Water Resevoir
    1 Full Set of 95 Webbing
    DPM Washkit
    Para Smock

    in summary this young chap could put on both sets of webbing giving him a 360degree set of webbing and put his assault vest over
    the top for good measure,he could then put his 3 smocks on under the webbing to bulk it out. Carrying all this kit will no doubt make him hungry but he's a squared away cookie and can eat his 12 rat packs and if he comes across any tough morsels no doubt his machete will be more than up to job. As soon as he starts to move no doubt he will start to go down with heat exhaustion but lucky for him he has a 3ltr camelbak and numerous water bottles in his webbings to quench his thirst. So he has finally managed to leave his billet and make his way to the parade ground where he can practice some of his fav drill movements in his nicely studded boots; change step, turning on the march.... GAS GAS GAS.

    Bless him
  2. just to add a postscript has anyone ever came across that old chessnut concerning cadets and the storage of boiled sweets. Infact I want people to guess where one cadet staff sgt stored his boiled sweets, first correct answer wins a splendid prize.

    ( the prize is my respect, nothing more nothing less. I know splendid is a rather camp word but I hadn't used it in ages and was having urges)
    thats the rant over for today tata! :D
  3. i've known a few cdt ssgt's, and realllllllllllllllllly wouldn't want to hazard a guess as to the potential storage locations of the coveted boilies about their persons.
  4. The little f*ckers always leave them in their ammo pouches

    Cadets can buy as much kit as they want, some adults are awful for buying kit. The saddos. Emphasis needs to be made on using issued webbing (we only have 58 pattern!) so they really know how to use their webbing sensibly.
  5. tsar nikolas is closest so far will run the comp until 2200hrs tonight and then reveal all-unless someone guesses first.
  6. Woowooo!
  7. sounds like the young cadet has been raping and pillaging his way through the alleys and backstreets of eBay, much like we all have done at least once in our lives - for me it was vinyl :oops: but no worry - cos i now have a complete collection of Black Sabbath :p among many other rare LPs

    i always store my sweeties in my outer breast pocket of my combat jacket
    ammo puches are for ammo/cleaning kit/boil in bags/rubbish/tent pegs/grenades! etc
  8. How about the Energa grenade adapter pocket on the side of the 58 pattern r/h ammo pouch, along with KFS set?
    Failing that, are we talking internal body cavities?
  9. said boillies were not stored internally rockhoppercrab. Tsar nikolas was so so close. Nice picture by the way.
  10. well, personally, i used to have a spare mag i 'liberated' from stores (i was cdt sqms). i'd removed the spring, glued in the top piece with 3 drill rounds and squeezed the bottom so it stayed on and came off with enuff encouragement. could keep nething in it, incl boilies and other little things like LED lights.

    on the matter of kit, being in the stores and having TA storeman friends, i was pretty sorted myself. myy shed is still jam packed. i remember one particularly profitable trip to swanton morley with him.....
  11. Sir dae wins my respect!!! the cadet said that he didn't have anywhere else to put the sweets so he decided the best place was an empty mag because he wouldn't loose them and they were also conviently close to hand. Then when i brought him an ammo replen he then couldn't workout why he could only force 8 rounds in a supposedly empty magazine, he grew even more irate when he then found that someone had crushed all his sweets!! Sir dae if I had a hat on i'd take it off to you.
  12. The fav bit of kit for a lot of cadets in norfolk seems to be either the windproof smock or some form of assault vest.

    Must admit i've tried a few of them but have always gone back to a belt kit. All i got these days is my issued uniform, 1x kit carry smock (given to me by friend) and a good pair of boots.

    If they want to spend lots of money on this stuff then so be it, i buy odd little bits here and there but will always try and tap people up for a bit of kit
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    80% of my kit is scrounged or found! I have a SAS smock bartered from a SAS lad for some RAF aircrew kit.(met on a TACEVAL excercise in mid 80's)RAF aircrew underwear (great when it's cold weather) my old issue cammo's,well before 95' kit!
    bits & bobs(being a armourer,I carry my own cleaning kit & weapon spares(firing pins,gas plugs,ect) & a assault vest bought for me by Sue,My Missus.
    A metal mug & mess tin & a sachet of chili!(makes a stew into a curry!!!)
  14. Bah! So fav bit of kit is my smock too.
  15. Why does that Cadet have a DPM Washkit, when no real Cadet would ever dream of doing anything as extravagent as washing.