ACF kid Sargeant bollcks TA Lance Jack and lives..... just.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Nov 21, 2004.

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  1. Spoke to one of my gang today, who was out with recruits at Pirbright. One of the DS was ex 2 PARA, now capbadged PWRR and by all reports quite clearly well 'ard.

    He was enjoying a quick snout between lessons when he heard a parade ground "OI YOU. YES YOU!!! DS turns to see a teenager dressed in Number Twos. The clot continues. I AM SARGEANT KEVIN NUMNUTS FROM THE WANKSHIRE ARMY CADET FORCE. WHAT THE FCUCKING HELL ARE YOU DOING SMOKING IN A BERET.

    There followed the DS debrief which, I gather, included the offer to stub the fag out in his face if he did not Foxtrot Oscar sharpish.

    I gather the Cadet lived to tell the tale.

    Can anyone tell me why everyone hates cadets?
  2. Such a very wide brush you tar all cadets with, BB!
  3. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    But not a blanket statement for the rest of BritFor?
  4. Heard a few tails of such happenings. Some RLC(TA) taking the piss out of a cadet, a long comes ACF kid sgt who promptley tells him to wind his neck in before he floors him. Can't remember the outcome..
  5. Well, no....I don't hate cadets. I find some of them and some of their officers laughable, but not all.
  6. A couple of months ago an old school mate of mine who is now a bootie and myself went back to our old cadet unit to act as DS on an inter unit exercise. Lo and behold, jumped up little sh@ of a cadet CSM practising drill in No2s considered us 'beneath him' despite the profusion of age, experience and cabbage beret which the two of us posessed. Cue bollocking from a 17yrd old about how we looked a sack of sh*t because we weren't wearing issue smocks, boots and neither of us had ironed our trousers that evening (for an exercise???) and how we were ruining the units chances of winning the drill competition the following morning. total silence from the pair of us, except for the crunch of velco as bootie pal of mine calmly opens PLCE and draws water bottle containing screech juice. Takes a swig and then pours remainder over cadet CSMs head and No.2s, and then calmly replaces bottle in CEFO and departs. Stupid boy. :roll:
  7. Who, your mate? Agreed.
  8. Errr... this is about one cadet.

    I take it you too are a Young Thiever. Sorry, Achiever.
  9. it takes in Cadet instructors, the TA and civvies as well
  10. not all cadets are numbskulls and wannabe i think the problem is age and imaturity.
    i myself would not pass or promote a cadet if i didn't think that were mature enough and capable of doing the job.

    the Adults who have passed them to be Cadet/CSM Cadet/SGT etc and give them a position of authority over a young cadets and show themselves up in front of the squad is not doing the cadet in question a favour and does cast a question mark over the ability of the Adult to run a Det.

    as to the RLC(TA) taking the piss out of the cadets, now i know most squaddies take the piss out of each other mercilessly etc, however Adult taking the piss out of a Child ?!? hardly commendable behavior, my prefered method would have been to take a senior NCO of that unit to one side and explain the Law re Childrens Act and if any of the child got really upset at being teased or whatever and decides to make an official complaint then the said Squaddies would find him in extremly deep brown stuff, that way face is saved and its more diplomatic.

    agreed there some power mad wannabe SAS types out there but do bear it in mind that not all are like that.
    many member here have done all three Regs/TA and Cadets im sure they will support a lot of what i say.
    i may not be perfect i only do what is right and tot he best of my abilities even if there are times when i just want to escape to my office to escape screaming 12 yo 1 stars for a bit of peace and quiet, its not easy but it can be rewarding.
    an ACF sergeant and proud of it
  11. Strangely I find myself agreeing with Semper on this one. Not really fair to get antsy about Cadet silliness. I would track down their instructor and re-educate him instead.
  12. 1. Quite right, jumped up ACF cock put well and truly in place.

    2. Why was he smoking with Beret on? He should be setting the example.
  13. No, BB, I'm a commissioned officer; I just happen to think that adults who think it's acceptable to humiliate/bully children - who clearly in some of these stories just don't know any better - shouldn't be within 100 metres of cadets.

    I was trained to lead young men, not humiliate them for my own amusement.
  14. Quite right.

    I had a similar run in with an over eager ACF NCO while on a KAPE tour who failed to spot my DPM rank slides.....I found that screaming "Get to bed" at the officious little toss bag was quite effective :wink: :lol:
  15. Cadet Officer ?

    The point I made was about an ACF Cadet Sargeant yelling at an (ex 2 PARA ) TA lance jack.

    The pup had no connection whatsoever with the L/Cpl. Perhaps the adult instructor ( assuming he was within earshot ) told the lttle upstart about the realities of life.

    I do hope this explains the matter. :roll:

    By the way, if you can find a way of keeping cadets 100 metres away from TA recruits while at Pirbright then I expect that you would become very popular with the TA. The sound of pre-adolescent wannabe drill pigs screaming near the upper registers of human hearing certainly got on my wick. Worse than bloody bagpipes.