Im an instructor in the ACF and doing KGVI in sept this year. Fieldcraft knowledge is minimal and so far have had no help from Battalion in any training. Where do i start!!!!!
Background...been with ACF almost 7 years, came in off the street with no military background. Passed AITC, AIs, CFCB, RMQ, DCCT. Been tied up with shooting last four years. Oh and im female and 52! (ewww)
You will need a good knowledge of fieldcraft it's all about planning an exercise I would have a word with anyone in your coy who have just done the course you will need to read up from the manual if you need more info pm me
You may want to visit there are a number of threads on there re:- KG6 and most of the people that frequent that board are both very helpful and very knowledgable.
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