ACF international 7 a side rugby


Does anyone know why the acf international rugby 7s championship is not going ahead this year? :?
No idea, although my county has failed to even get it's own 7-aside team sorted out... mainly due to a lack of instructors willing to take the rugby on. Perhaps the international for the same reason?
The ACF Nationals Competition is going ahead at Aldershot at the end of March. The International (normally run on the Sunday) has been cancelled as (I think) Wales, Scotland and N Ireland don't want to lose to England (again!). They will enter their teams as normal into the Nationals as regional teams.


Well im from Scotland and we would certainly like to compete in the international on the Sunday!

As for England beating everyone, I seem to remember last year being the first in a while when both your teams actually won over all its usually the welsh that win(when they turn up)!
I am currently attempting to find out from county why no rugby in my area and on from that, the nationals. Will get back to you if I ever get an answer, will most likely take a long time!
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