ACF Instructors - Mansfield Nottinghamshire

Discussion in 'ACF' started by paleblue_1, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I have some left over kit if you want it for your kids.
    Some CS95 trousers and shirts
    2x lightweight trousers and one green shirt
    plus Instructors pamphlet 1 and 2

    PM me for collection details.


  2. 85 views, no replies. Come on guys, someone has to know someone in the area!
  3. In the mansfield area as well.

    I've got body armour, CEFO, 2 x lots of 1157 & allsorts too, glad for them to go to a good home. I won't be back in the UK until the end of the month though, as I work abroad.

    PM me too for collection details.