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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Mincer, Oct 20, 2011.

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  1. This may have been done to death....
    The other day a incident occured where an acf officer started gobbing off to a couple of our blokes, regular nco's. the reason behind the incident is meaningless however i was just wondering how much authority does an ACF instructor actually carry towards regular blokes. Like in all fairness surely being a CADET instructor he doesnt actually have any?

    p.s. sorry for grammar and spelling i realise this site loves grammar and spelling.. sorry!
  2. None, the only instance I can think of where he would is if he were the RCO.
  3. He holds a commission. So, yes, they should have saluted him.
  4. Yep, He's got a Group B Commission. Salute, say Sir and if the bollocking is a fair one, quit whining. If its nonsense then point that out politely. You never know, he might actually be right.
  5. Yes this has been done before ad infinitum. I can't be arsed to find the link but I'm sure you could find it using the Search facility if you so wish.
  6. Pay compliments certainly, he may even be right but he has no authority.
  7. Quarty, I think he's a substantive Lt. He'd be insane to try lording it about over Regular soldiers but he can give lawful orders. can't be arrsed to look up QRs and TA Regs to check tho !
  8. Fine, I'll buy all that. He still has no authority to issue orders, he is not in the CoC. Comds intent still prevails. Unless he is on a range as RCO he should be treated as A N Other Officer.
  9. It isn't simply a straight forward matter of what authority he has as an ACF officer.

    If he's used to taking charge of people in his regular job, or perhaps he employs loads of people, hires and fires maybe...

    If he has the sheer gonads to front up to regular Army NCOs and tell them what's what. So that they know they have been told, beyond question...

    If he's a close mate or relation to someone very senior, such as the Officer Commanding United Kingdon Land Forces and knows he can make carears difficult with just a quiet chat...

    If he has the presence to look people in the eye, make them quake; prod them in the chest, make them step backwards. To speak slowly and quietly knowing they will make more effort to pay attention...

    Maybe he's one of life's movers and shakers, with little time to haggle with minions...

    Or maybe something else altogether. However, he did it - it's done. Yet he's not on here questioning and quibbling about it. Clearly he had an authority about him that the NCOs didn't question. Did you question it? No? Then stop winging about it. Man up.
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  10. He's a part timer so it seems likely if he was in a position to play officer, then cadets were involved and he had all the authority needed, that's why Lizzie gave him the rank.

    If no kiddies were involved then take it up with his CEO, that's assuming you don't mind drawing more attention to what the bollocking was over - if it was justified, does it matter who delivered it?
  11. ACF Officers have a type B commission so they are officers who can tell you what to do.

    ACF AIs have no equivalent as they are not Sgt, SSgt or WO they are SI, SSI or SMIs respectively.

    Why were you getting a b0llocking?

    Not saluting? fair one.

    Looking like a bag of sh1t, tied up in the middle? fair one

    I am intrigued.
  12. we didnt call him sir, well in fact we sort of blanked him because he was with his cadets. frankly he gobbed off at us and we shurgged him off and he didnt like it. at the end of the day hes a in the cadets and can politely **** off...
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  13. Had you engaged in conversation beforehand with any of the young cadet males?

    If so "Akela" was probably jealous and thought you were trying to zoom in on his piece of ass.
  14. I can think of a lot of people in the army who wouldn't like that. Treat them like any other officer, salute, be polite, then move on and forget it (Practically the NCO's Creed).
  15. So you set an excellent example to the Cadets by ignoring a Commissioned Officer. Well done you.
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