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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by justjane07, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if any of you ACF instructors have any tips for me? I have an interview next week to become an ACF instructor and was told that I can come along for a few weeks and see what I think? I just really wanted to know what the process entailed? the i've read loads but it doesn't say to much about the training adn how long the whole process takes, I did see one person mention that it took about six months for his CRB clearence to come back..
    I have an up to date enhanced CRB clearence already because of my job (took about 2 months) I have been told that I will still need another one done though! So is it the training that takes a long time or the CRB process? would be ever so greatfull for any info or advice.. either here on the boards or pm me... thanks
  2. After your interview,you will be told there and then if you are accepted.
    Obviously dependant on your CRB clearance.
    Once cleared, you will be sized up for uniform and get it issued to you.
    You will now hold the rank of PI (Potential Instructor)During this time you will have some weekends of training run by your county training team, or a PI cadre held over an annual camp, sometimes both.
    I have found that this stage of your training varies depending on which county your in.
    On the whole this process should take up to around 6 months, again this depends on how much time/effoert you can put in.
    Once your county is satisfied you have fullfilled their certain criteria, you will be put forward to attend the ITC, which is run by the Cadet training team.
    This is a weeks course held at a regular training establishment.
    Here you will be taught method of instruction, and will also be tested on your SAA/drill fieldcraft and map and compass.
    If you pass this course you then obtain the rank of SI (Sergeant Instructor)
    You will then be allowed to train and test up to 2 star level.
    After that you off to Frimley Park, a more advanced MOI course which allows you to train and test up to three star level and qualifies you for the rank of SSI (staff sergeant instructor)
    Next is the KGVI.
    This course is about conducting an excersise etc. Qualifies you for rank of SMI/platoon commander.
    Whole process can take as long as you want really.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Good luck with it. Suits is correct, if you put the time in, you can get through the damn thing quickly. I grafted my butt off for the first two years and am now commissioned, run my own platoon, ADS at Frimley and it's taken over my life. The Army wasn't this hard! Stick with it, it's great. It gets better as you put the time in.
  4. Oh, and you may want to draw the item from the stores:

    Protector, Kevlar, Back, for the use of.

  5. Indeed. A pat on the back is a recce for the knife.
  6. How true, I have seen it going on , the higher up you go in rank, the more sh1t that come flying your way, the Officers mess is like a Shark pool, as some take too seriously and actually act like it is the Real Army.

    Its not all bad, find the good ones, the old timers that have seen it all before and stick with them, they can teach you so much that is not in the ACF Manual.
  7. Well said sandfox. Watch out for the walts and wannabies though. You will spot them a mile off!
  8. training you mean you actually got training???

    I've been an ai for 3years and i have never recevied any training, even before going on my itc course, just got given a manual and left to it!
  9. Top Tip - don't take pictures of your cadets...

  10. I have to say I totally agree with this, I've spent quite a bit of time with the ACF over the years and I can't believe just how bad some of the backstabbing/in-fighting can be.. It really does undermine the whole organisation at times and it really puzzles me