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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Bisley, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Boss, can we take the DP weapons to use on a display of youth activities available in our town.

    Reply: NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! It sends the wrong message to the the general public and increases the security risk!!!

    In that case I suppose we're all going to end up looking like the Boy Scouts. PC or what???

    Your opinions please.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Are you a youth movement with a military ethos?

    Or a gun club?

  3. There is plenty of other kit that can be used on a recruitment stand maybe radios then potential cadets can use them to chat to there mate, or just stuff they can look at like webbing I always like to push the AT side of cadets when I recruit I try to have a canoe and a mountain bike on show if I can get some climbing gear all the better.

    IMHO putting rifles at a recruitment stand could attract the wrong people and cause a scene, not to mention the required security is it worth it ? If you want to push the "war" side then have a couple of cadets in cam cream offering to cam up the local children a bit like face painting at the school fair. This also provides a bit of good publicity.
  4. I agree with oh_bug.ger on this one - try and avoid the weapons and stick to fieldcraft and campcraft. Set up a basher, cam net, a few boil in the bags and have a cooking demo and tasting session. Set up a table with contents of a set of webbing and bergan and be armed with lots of Army/ACF memorabilia (ask the local ACIO for some freebie 'be the best' mugs and mouse mats).

    We have a few useful recruiting tools in our County that are slightly different to the norm: (a) paintball equipment (b) an idiot-proof climbing wall anyone can use and (c) an all-singing all-dancing 'get some attitude' recruiting tent and display boards - all quite good.

    Hope msg isn't going to become the Ling of the ACF forum.
  5. All good suggestions: equally all the sort of things one can do in the scouting movement. What is wrong with promoting an opportunity to shoot at targets and develop a skill that is not mirrored by other youth organisations.
    No it isn't a gun club, shooting is a discipline requiring commitment along with all the other disciplines we teach. My objection isn't about the security risk which I can understand, even if the DP barrell is filled with lead. It's the suggestion that we are sending out the wrong message, which casts doubt on the part of adult instructors to convey a positive message about what we do, guns included. Opps sorry shouldn't have mentioned the guns.
  6. As far as I'm concerned there's nothing wrong at all with wanting to promote shooting - it's what Joe Public thinks that's the main thing. You don't want some Scum journalist lurking round taking photos of kids with rifles when some little old lady has been robbed at gunpoint round the corner. You must not forget that there are a considerable amount of MPs (mainly Labour) who cringe every time the ACF is mentioned simply because of the firearms issue - they'd have plastic swords issued if they could!
  7. As said already, theres no problem with just setting up stands for each APC subject. You can get a display board for each and pin photos of cadets with weapons, cadets shooting, performing fieldcraft, drill, and other activities. In front of said board you can then have a small display, like a basha etc. Detail an NCO and a senior cadet to control each stand and field questions, whilst you mingle amongst the prospective parents you'll be dealing with, as if parents think you're a power hungry mong who uses kids to do all the work then they won't let you look after them!

    Leave the rifles as part of the attraction, not taking them will make kids more curious.


  8. :twisted:

    Well that makes a pleasant change. Very sensible replies, take your points which are well made. I shall now wind my neck in.

  9. Oh the difference with no OTC about.......
  10. lol you couldnt resist it could you??I would have to agree with the thought of leaving the rifles out as it should entice the kids to come again if they want to find out about the shooting. It worked well for myself and some of my friends when we were encouraged to join cadets at school.Plus from experience i've found that yes many people want to get their hands on rifles but once they are in they enjoy the cvhance to participate in the at, doe etc etc. so keep pushing them at the stands with cadets dressed to suit each stand.

    Yup it is a bit sh*te that there's also a security issue but sh*t happens and you gota role with it sometimes eh?

  11. mmmm im in two thoughts on this.

    sometimes a bit of show and tell, handling the actual goodies can generate interest as in our MOI course, we were told to try to use a much realism as possible in training.

    DP rilfe will be very difficult to put into firing order impossible actually and really not worth the effort, the TA and Regs do use rifles, GPMGs, AKs in their displays and it seemed to work for them, they use a big thick hefty chain to tie them all down, when i was recruited into the ACF the stand had a GP rifle for demo and it hasn't done any harm.

    if you are really worried about security you can always buy a BB replica and use that instead.
    plenty available about

    if it was within budget an AEG battery operated SA80 would be useful on a mini range with plastic BBs and paper targets, would be interesting
  12. Sounds Waltish to some but ive seen regs doing this with plain bolt action SA80's that need cocking after every shot. They're peanuts to buy and get kids interested.
  13. Very, very sad fact but replica weapons are even more frowned upon than the real deal by some of the hierarchy. They certainly didn't like my imitation Claymores much!
  14. So they'd rather we took DP's........

    So it looks like the pin-board is the way forward for an SAA demo then.
  15. it was the sight of two senior cadets explaining the bren gun to me that made me join.
    after letting me explore and handel it i was hooked.
    one of them blindfolded the other who promptly stripped it down and back together in under a minute. That was it, i wanted to be a gunner in the ACF.

    how i regreted carrying the bugger 2 years later!!!!!