ACF harrogte, phase 1 training

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lovelygurl15, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. when i go to hrrogate in seftember for my 42 weeks of training will i get paid?? can someboady please let me know?
  2. Yeah, not sure what recruits get these days (it was £20 a day for under 18s and £30 a day for over 18s when I was a recruit if I remember rightly, that was 7 years ago though), and we got half our pay in cash each week, and half was kept back to pay for the pay clerk's holiday to the Bahamas (sorry, I mean kept as credits and given to you at the end of training)
  3. hey i'm strating at the afc in september as well and i have being told that we strat on NEW RECRUITS

    but that is before tax!
    I think it works out at about around 175 a week
    just take a look at the army website.Look under JR pay. :)
  4. i was 92b and we got 1 fiver and 1 tenner, in pay parade, if we fcuked up the pay parade thing we went to the back of the queue. not goog when the intake was 98 strong
  5. Tenner a week in my day and you had to pay for your Kiwi Brasso etc. First non Army thing I bought down the NAFFI was an Iron Maiden cassette :oops: form an orderly queue......................................................
  6. EEEEH... When I Were a lad.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :lol:
  7. You get just enough to pay for a dictionary.
  8. lovelygurl15,

    You will get paid for the duration of your training. The amount I'm not sure about, try the army web site, as someone has mentioned.

    During basic, or your first weeks, you will probably be paid a small cash some for you to buy brasso, boot polish and such. You will also be able to buy stickies from the Padre, and, probably, now a days from the NAAFI too.

    This should have been explained to you at the ACIO (Careers Office). If you have any queries ask them or read the paperwork they gave you.

    Any queries, ask someone, either at the careers, at AFC Harrogate or even on this site, there are some young whippersnappers about who have been to Harrogate in this decade!!!

    Say hello to Carringtons, Jimmys and the Dungeon for me (if they are still there)

    Good luck.

    (this isn't a wah is it? What happened to "Eddie" from about christmas time, is he in or did he stay out?)
  9. Just thought I would bring this thread back up because I want to say that your a lucky bsatard! When I was in the AFC(when it first opened) I was getting £135 a week, which I thought was dead poor.
  10. I actually started my basic at AFC Harrogate. As a matter of fact I was in the first in-take.

    We were paid weekly for the first 7 weeks. 30 notes if memory serves. After that you get a big lump sum (your credits) and for the remainder of the time you get bank paid.
  11. hi i'm a JS at the AFC now i have being in for around 7 moths. i will be on my way out of here soon but just to let you know you do get paid at the college but its not 200 + a week its more like 170 thats after bills food and acom ect. but you do after lasting 6 moths here get a paid a little more you go from £30 a day to £39 a day after bills it adds up to about £200 a moth extra. if you have any questions about the college just let me know!