ACF Guns on 2s and messdress


I am informed by senior staff that I do not wear guns on my No2's or messdress. I am a Staff Sergeant Instructor. On parade yesterday three old gunners gave me a hard time for not wearing guns. Cost me a round of drinks.

As I am proud to wear your capbadge and want to get it right who should I contact to get chapter and verse

Cadets definitely not but I believe that SI and SSIs can, but ,may be mistaken
The gun is part of the badge of rank in the RA, in the ACF if you are wearing No2 dress then dress according to Regimental Dress regs with Cannon above your stripes with barrels facing forward, if you are a cadet wearing brassard then dress as per the ACF dress regs stripes no Cannon.

I am a CFAV who is also an ex-gunner, and I personally have clear views on being incorrectly dressed, I have taken one for the regiment already on this. The old comrades are right, and the whoever advised you in the ACF is wrong, the wearing of the cannon applies to any other dress requiring stripes to be worn on the right upper arm.

The problem is, those little gold ACF titles are hard to see, and everyone will see you as a soldier not a cadet instructor, so dress to the standard of the RA, then you can not be criticised for being incorrectly dressed.

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