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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Ethers, Oct 10, 2009.

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  1. Regards guys, ok - just moved to the ACF as a PI after been a cadet in the ATC. Naturally the drill is diferent and adapting is making my head spin. The main thing i'm having issues with are the new words of command.

    Does anyone have a full list of ACF Drill commands? Perhaps from the Drill Manual - i understand certain aspects of the Cadet Training Manual are resticted, so just the Drill manual is necessary.

    a website link or if anyone has a copy on their PC ask me for my Email via PM and send it to me. Cheers guys.

    Also if anyone has any advice for helping me adapt to the new drill system, please post them here.
  2. Ask your ACF version of the CSM / RSM or get a Drill Instructor to thrash you around the square for a couple of hours, Im sure you'll get the hang of it then!

    Joke to one side they should have a copy of the Drill Manual to hand.

  3. I've been handed a copy of an old tatty Training manual - its missing crucial pages, so i could really do with an electronic cop. I'm **** like that
  4. Or you could get yourself on the drill course in Catterick!

  5. do your ITC before you start teaching cadets from the manual. it's a lot easier that way and they'll teach you a lot of the things like words of command as well as instructional technique.

    don't want to go teaching them wrong now, it'll only make it twice as hard to teach them right later.
  6. Just remember if anyone takes yoy for drill and gives the command wheelings you have my permission to beat them.
  7. I've allready seen some right Gems come up.

    On dismissing final parade the command "Fall out and go home" was issued.

    needless to say I had words.

  8. Is there a difference between ATC and ACF drill? Are you doing heavy drill or light drill ?

    As a PI I would advise you take a back seat and watch what goes on. You need to be mature about it and not get too involved to early. IF you have questions dont be afraid to as the other instructors at the unit. You will get ripped to bits if you ask a silly one on here!

    Saying that, my best advice is to give a drill instruction like you would a fire control order. I will give an example, obviously excuse the fact that you cannot hear me so i will have to express this in text.

    Clear, Loud, As and order, Pauses. (Heavy drill)

    Squad (clear and sharp) Will move...... to the right..... in 3's..... Rightttttttttttttt...... Turn.

    The dots i have used were to represent the ammount of time between words, make the second to last word as long as you can to give the little darlings time to consider what it is your about to ask them to do. The final word should be quick and sharp in delivery.

    Hope that helps with technique anyway.

    - Edited for mongness-
  9. The Drill Manual is now available on Armynet - you should be able to get yourself an account there and then you'll find it via the Reference Portal.
  10. cheers Idrach, sadly i can't see any way of ACF Instructors gettig accounts. :( bad times
  11. there is no such thing as heavy drill.
  12. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Army, RN and RAF drill are slightly different. The ACF follow the Army Drill Manual. There is no such thing as ACF drill but the myth persists and certain incorrect actions pass on like a pox through poor instruction.

    The words ........"But Sergeant So and So said that The ACF do it like this" should lead to a swift kick in the trousers for Sergeant So and So who is usually a 19 year old ex cadet corporal with an inhaler and a bad attitude.
  13. In the cadet world they often refer to Drill as Heavy drill, i am well aware of all things drill thank you very much. That is mainly due to the fact that light drill does not exhist in the cadet world and the only drill in their manual is Drill of the non light variety ie 'Drill'.

    Often units with a LI capbadge (rifles etc) will teach Light drill, but in those cases cadets should also be taught Drill. You try telling a cadet which type of drill he / she is doing without saying heavy or light and see what happens.

    Does that explain why they refer to it as Heavy drill ?
  14. Im ex crab, now in the TA. The only differences in raf and army drill were these.

    Raf "Attention" Army "'Shun"

    Raf right dress, the arm is bought up parralel to the ground on the front rank, its not the done thng in the army

    About turn on the march used to be "Check TLV" in the army its "check, lrl"

    Cant think of any others right now.
  15. it still means you're teaching cadets terminology that doesn't exist.

    you can actually call it, without using incorrect terminology, 'All Arms Drill'

    All Arms Drill refers to the drill that you are incorrectly calling 'heavy drill'. There is no heavy division - so why heavy drill?

    furthermore, the LI didn't do 'light drill' - it was a trademark of the Light Division carried into the Rifles by the Royal Green Jackets, not the LI.