Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Darren_knight, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. 'lo...

    does anyone know what the current backlog on CRB checks is? Is just i've been told that I can't go on ITC or AIB until such time as my CRB is back... to be honest i don't want to wait out .... i'd rather get stuck in and learn what the cadets need to learn.... cos at the minute i feel like an ashtray on a motorbike....

  2. in my county you can work as a Civilian Instructor (CI) to keep your hand in and feel involved, as well as getting some teaching practice ,in my case i was also willing to allow CI's to wear a uniform (own purchase) but without Berets to feel the part, til their clearance got through then i make a point of annoucing on Parade and make a ceremony of it, to mark their transition.
  3. darren, i think the backlog is a couple of months, we've just had a load of new instructors put their crb in and they have been told it'll be 2 months at least before it comes back
  4. Just a quick post to put the cat amongst the pigeons. I have been an A.C.F. instructor since 1987. I have filled out at least 4 CRB check forms. I recently needed a CRB certificate for an event that I was attending for my normal work. I approached my 'Sector HQ' for said cert, to be informed that I didn't have one. I chased the cert up, and after 4 - 5 weeks, I received confirmation that "there was a certificate in the post". Still not seen.

    If CRB checks are so important (which incidentaly, I think they are), then why does it take so long to be checked out.

    (I am from S.E. London A.C.F.)
  5. I did a CRB when they first come out, filled in the form, got my ID Checked and about 6 weeks later had a form/certificate showing my 'pass' this was sent to me by my county and is kept by me and not held centrally. This was with Staffs ACF.
  6. A genuine copy of the CRB certificate coms to the person, HQ via brigade will get another copy, but ages after.

    Our HQ asks that we bring in the cert they photo copy and file until the official copy arives...
  7. There isnt a backlog at the CRB- I work there! After we do our checks, your details go to any of the police forces you have lived within in the last 5 years, so if that force has a backlog, thats where the delay starts! The worst forces are the Met and Essex from what I have heard.

    The completed certificate should then go to yourselves, and to the Registered Body you applied through, before going to the potential employer. This means all the MOD applications go to York first, THEN get sent to the place youre gonna be working- hence the delay. The MOD submit a lot of applications, not only ACF etc, but now, regular army recruiting teams need them

    If any one wants a progress report, PM me and I can tell you what the (if any) hold up is....
  8. ok so how long is the CRB valid for ? and does it need to be renewed at frequent intervals also most importantly if thats the case and an AIs renewal has been delayed and his last one has lapsed, does he then be unable to work with children ? which could meanw e would be a man down, even to the point of shutting down a detachment if there is no CRB cleared staff available.
    on many occasion i am the only cleared adult in charge (2i/c) during the absence of the Det Commander who more often than not is called away to work, the 2 adult i have are not yet cleared and is still waiting.
  9. To be honest it varies from employer to employer. Some will accept it for the duration that you are there, other organisations will insist on a new one every year. There is no "expiration date" on it, and we dont set guide lines to employers on how often people should get a new one. Technically, its the kind of document that is only valid the day the actual check is done- you could get a clean Disclosure then go out and commit all sorts of crimes the very next day!

    Some organisations will accept one that you may have had done for another job if it was within 12 months though- as I said, a lot of it is down to employer's discretion. All we do is issue the document, if there ARE convictions on it etc, its still down to the employer to decide if they are relevant to the position the person is applying for.

    Hope that helps a wee bit!
  10. thanks it goes some way to explain the system as i was interviewed for a job a few months ago and i was asked has my CRB been renewed , this is for a Fireservice HFRA job with disabled people . nnedless to say i had to say no as it was 2 years old at the time, it did confuse me a bit.

    BTW didn't get the fireservice job :(
  11. If that employer wanted a new one, they should have paid for you to get a new one done (volunteer positions dont have to pay)

    There is talk of a "basic" disclosure coming out, where anyone can apply regardless of the job theyre going for, but dont hold your breath- theyve been talking about it for about 3 years! We do have a Portability service which deals with taking a certificate from job to job, which saves shelling out on *another* piece of paper to prove you are a law abiding citizen....!!

    If you want any other info, let me know and I'll try an answer any questions!
  12. Thanks youi have been helpful, if i think of anymore questions or somebody asks me a question in that subject ,I will pose it to you and see what you say about it .

  13. Having not filled out one of these forms before can anyone tell me if the ISA part is relevant?
    Sorry should have said, with relation to becoming an AI that is.
  14. I have to have an enhanced disclosure and Police Support vetting once a year. My CRB came back within 10 working days.
  15. In YACF, they are re-done every 10 years.

    They only show what you've been caught doing anyway.