ACF Commissioning Process

Not a lot really.

They complete AF B6610, CRB (enhanced), MOD 134, MOD 1109 (in duplicate, on glossy orange paper) and then it all gets rubber-stamped by the local friendly RFCA secretary before being onwardly transmitted to manning and records at APC Glasgow. That's it, jobs a good done, commission follows rather swiftly after that.

They need to do some in-house induction training (considerably scaled down). Most of them are experienced former SNCOs and WOs (not SMIs, ahem) and they're not really going to be doing that much, so this process is probably sufficient.

C_B's thought for the day: My, this is a popular topic. You'd be amazed how few people, even those 'knowledgeable' in the organisation, seem to know so little about this.

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