ACF Commissioning Loopholes

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Country_Bumpkin, May 3, 2006.

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  1. A familiar topic, close to all our hearts (particularly the non-ACF people!)

    Some of you may remember I raised some concerns about the speculation that an ex-ACF RSMI could be appointed directly into a commission as a Captain. I highlighted an article on this issue which had been written in Army Cadet by a budding new-Captaincy candidate. Well, what do you know, the tail has been wagging the dog again in Blankshire ACF and he's got it. Promoted directly to Captain over all the long-serving well-qualified subs who can't be promoted because there are too many hooray Henry's clinging on for dear life in invented appointments.

    This topic riles my piss because I was one of the guinea pig generation worked hard and went up against the TA at TCB. A level playing field for all, as it should be. As much as we didn't like TCB we did it because it was the rules - we didn't expect the rules to bend over and accommodate us.

    I haven't seen a copy of the new ACF Manual (or Regs for the ACF I think it is now called) but I'd be interested to hear if the rules on commissioning have been relaxed. I don't think they have - I think Blankshire ACF are banking on the ignorance of everyone in the County.

  2. Same in my county C_B, one ex-ACF RSMI , now a Captain, fast track up through the ranks, though he joined after me, now sitting in a comfy position in our county ORBAT, with another ex-ACF RSMI looming toward our mess, though he was always in our mess last year at camp, to meet the guest`s the Colonel had invited, a few of us thought he should have paid Officers mess fee`s, he was in that much.
  3. What's the official line? It sticks in my throat that the RSM can have an automatic god-given right to a commission. The rule was that an ex-RSMI was commissioned as 2Lt but with a shortened probation of 1-year.
  4. C_B,

    There's a downloadable version on the current ACF Regs on You'll need to apply for a password first. Basically it says that an RSMi will be appointed as 2Lt, on probation for 1 year.

  5. Can someone send me the ACF Regs by email: It is not a restricted document. I don't have a password for the ACFA site, because to get it I would have to communicate with Blankshire ACF County HQ!
  6. C_B

    Just emailed it. Enjoy the read.

  7. You are a gent (unless you're a lady of course, in which case no offence intended).
  8. Sending ASAP C_B
  9. Thanks guys for the info. I have reviewed the evidence and there is no official procedure for fast-tracking ex-RSMIs through the system, so this appointment is an absolute swizz organised on a local basis with no offical authority. So there's a lesson to everyone - if you write enough letters to Army Cadet you can become a Captain, even if you're nowhere near as qualified as the next sub in the pecking order. Nice to see we have a fair, unbiased commissioning system.
  10. Hi Country_Bumpkin,

    You are not alone in my County the ex RSMI is looking to be heading straight for Capt.

    Rumour Control is also that they may well have an Interview rather than do the "Board" but this is un confirmed.

    We have had Several ex RSMIs who have been commissioned and then in a nano Second have become Capts.

    I am informed though that this is becuase they can take prior service into account. I think in the regs alot of ex WOs who get comissioned do go to Capt so it that case we mirror the Regs.


  11. But it's not right. It's contrary to all the official documents on this (ACF Manual 2005, TA Regs 1978, Army Commissioning Regs 1999). Regular Arrsers will know I am quite on the ball with policy and regulations. I'm still a fairly junior Sub (in a County of long serving Lts), but I had to work hard (in comparison) to get a tick in the box. I have colleagues who are well respected, well qualified and experienced and have been Lieutenants for five or six years - they may never be Captains because we have that many 'clingers on' at our County HQ doing dead end joke jobs as Captains.

    It's simple: Unlike in the Regs/TA an ACF RSMI doesn't get any discount (other than a reduced period of probation as a 2Lt) if they are subsequently commissioned. That's the rules in black and white. Period.

    To parachute in someone who is not qualified (according to the documents mentioned) is an absolute insult to all the Subalterns who have been commissioned by fair means. The very senior management of Blankshire ACF, not known for their man-management skills as it is, are seriously out of touch with the feeling on the ground. Such a decision is above the remit of even the CO.

    You couldn't do it in the Regular Army or TA. There are rules that say if someone is passed-over for promotion the CO has to inform them of the reason and give them a right of appeal. Has the CO of Blankshire ACF done this - like shite - they've just tried to snaffle it through the back door and pray nobody notices.

    If anyone in authority at 2 Div (the local Bde jobsworth must be in on the trick and under the thumb) is reading this please help!

    EDITTED for spelling.
  12. Does it really matter what rank you wear? In my county, we have a lot of people with senoir ranks, SSI, SMI and Officers who really have no clue. At the end of the day it comes down to ability! It doesn't matter what rank someone has, if they cant do a certain job, then everyone will know who should really be in charge. I agree that ex RSMIs should go in at a higher rank, and i don't really see any problem with that, or is that just me?
  13. sometimes its the case of the more incompetent you are, the higher up you will go in order to get you out of the way !

  14. yep it is the norm in the regs that a WO1 on commisioning goes straight to Captain, however this is normally in the logistic end so to speak. In the RA it is not uncommon fot the BK in a Battery to be an ex-RSM and I have yet to find a RQ that wasn't either

    However this is the regs and not the ACF which differs in many ways
  15. The only reason RSMI's/ SMI's feel they should be fast tracked/ avoid the proper commissioning procedure is to avoid the potential embarrassment of failing the CFCB. A lot of people will say that being an RSMI /SMI has proven their ability to be an officer and shouldn't have to prove themselves on a weekends assessment. Utter bollocks :evil: Individual assessment is needed and that is why CFCB was introduced and why career progression has been and should be under tighter control ever since.

    Oh and before I get the numerous objections that statement is bound to create did anyone else notice the number of SMI's that were volunteering going for commission decreased as soon as DSB was removed? I wonder why that was?

    That day brought a smile to my smug subby face! :lol: