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Discussion in 'ACF' started by papegojan, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Recently my company commander suggested that I try for a commission. I understand that it will involve a weekend in Westbury. Can anyone give me any ideas of what this will entail please?
  2. If it is anything like my process it will be like this:

    You must meet certain selection criteria e.g. 1 years service in ACF (or rekonable military experience)
    Must have done AI's Course at Frimley. (See Annex A to Chapter 4 of ACF Manual also lots of other info in Chap 4 of ACF Manual)

    You would Usually start the process with a letter to your Commandant along the lines of “Sir, I wish to apply for a commission in XXX Bttn ACF……” followed by a brief description of why you want to do it.

    Then it is a selection weekend within your county (we do ours tri county)

    Then lots of forms (in truth the lots of forms can start earlier)

    Then selection weekend at Westbury. I loved my Westbury weekend (even though I wasn't successful)

    Westbury is Friday eve to Sat lunchtime Briefing with selection occurring after that. the AOSB website is very useful and really does lay down what you need to know.

    For further advice have a look at the officer recruitment threads on ARRSE. There is a lot of waffle in there (e.g. how many push ups do I need to do) which is not relevant to us, but there are also some good bits of advice. PM your email address and I’ll bung you all the info I have .

    Good Luck - it is a long process and I’m still wading through it but hopefully rewarding in the end.

  3. Thanks for the info. I fulfil the criteria (KGVI over 11 years back and CFAV since 1993)
  4. What Scuba Babe said. Good luck mate. The paperwork increases tenfold for some absurd reason.
  5. When you go to your county one they will want a CV. My county has a specific ACF form for it, so should your. Try and get hold of it before hand and filled in, they like that. Shows inititive, also look at the command tasks on the westbury website.
  6. Thankyou all very much for the information and advice. Greatly appreciated.
  7. hi just wondered if you have to do your kg6 before going for comision or just the ais course please help is there a minimum tim you have to be in for aswell
  8. Unless you have previous rekonable military experience (and the definition of this varies depending on how much the Colonel likes you) you have to be in the Sgt's Mess for a year, or at least have served a year as an AI, Done 1 Annual Camp and Done AI's course at Frimley. On a practical level having a few years SGT's mess service under your belt will be invaluable as you get to see how the ACF ( and your county/sector) works from the inside before beiong given a position of authority. Remember this is not like the Regulars where you get trained for a year to be an officer - it's pretty much a case of 'well done at westbury go command that lot over there' Having an insite and some contacts in the Sgt's mess will be invaluable to you as a junior officer. Also as you get higher up the food chain your muckers from your SI days will be your SMI's when you are Coy Commander / 2ic.

    No need to have done KGVI however from what i've heard it's better to do KGVI as a SI/SSI that a shiney 2nd Lt. But that's just from stories I've heard - not based on experience as I havn't done it yet.

    If you are interested in taking a commission then the eligibility info is in the ACF Manual which you should have a copy of in your Det and your Adult Training team should be able to help you as well.

    Hope that helps

  9. No, but you do need to spend some effort on your spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation!
  10. Brilliant :D

    Its ok if you write to Westbury like that they send your reply written in crayon :D and refer you directly to the ASE at worthy down for basic reading and writing.