ACF Commission whilst serving as TA SNCO

Discussion in 'ACF' started by metplod, Dec 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Hope to get some advice here to sort out various rumours for me. I am presently serving as a SNCO in the TA and am interested in becoming an instructor with my local ACF. I am aware of the general process but am getting conflicting info re the above.

    Basically it has been suggested by other ACF officers that I know within the county that I consider applying for a commission. This is on the basis of my previous knowledge and experience that I can contribute and hope to pass on to the cadets. I know that some counties insist on time served as an AI, ITC etc, however, if in due course I was considered suitable for CFCB then I would definitely pursue it.

    This would be in addition to continuing to serve in the TA. I have been informed that this would be a bar to obtaining a commission with the ACF. In short I could only obtain a commission if I was prepared to resign from the TA.

    Does anyone have the DS solution or any knowledge of other AI's in this position?
  2. Comsidering that an officer in the ACF holds a Type B TA commision I would guess that Holiding 2 ranks in the same organisation just ain't possible. Can you not just help out at your current rank? Given that your experiance has got you that I would say that is sufficiant
  3. I know an ACF officer who is in the TA. He is seeking a TA commission but is currently an OR.

    His number is in the format xxxxxx-2 which apparently indicates dual service.
  4. This is the correct answer I'm afraid.

    But the suggestion is a valid one. Sometimes I feel that the hierarchy are far too keen on stripping the Sergeant's Mess of talent.
  5. If its cadet facing activities that interests you, your better off staying in the Sgts mess, as the Officers tend to manage AIs and cadets, but mostly through the AIs. That's not to say that as an officer, you won't get to train cadets directly, but there will be less of it.

    I think you can be an Officer in the ACF and an OR in the TA, but likely only with your TA OC's consent. He may wish to set some ground rules too. Such as who's paying you?/pays for what etc;

    I know an MPGS Soldier who is an Officer in the RAFVR(T) or ATC if you like, and the MPGS were cool with it. But its the RAFVR, its not like its a proper miltary thing! :wink:

  6. I'm going throught he process myself and have been informed the TA Class B Commission is no longer. It is a straight forward ACF Commission. Further to this I know of a WO2 in TA who is a Lt in the ACF with our County. If it works for him, I see no reason why it shouldn't for you.
  7. First I've heard of that. Did the TA or the ACF tell you this? I thought the commissioning process can only be changed by an act of parliament and the amendment only taking effect after Royal Assent?

    Anyway, it changes little. List B or CFCB, still no call up liability.

    What will this new commission be called? ACF/CCF/CFCB/CFAV Commission? Will newly appointed subbies still be gazetted?
  8. Be sure to mention that at your board! :thumright:
  9. The Territorial Army General List 'B' Commission remains and will remain the form for the ACF. Indeed, there is discussion about elevating the SCC and MC to a similar status.

    Your case of the WO2 surprises me, the book says no.
  10. Just passing on what I was told, as for ACF Commission. If that turns out to be bollox then fair enough. Wouldn't be the first time. Same can be said the other way around, wouldn't be the first time something's been changed and we didn't get to hear about it.

    The case of the WO2 is genuine and has been that way for about two years now.
  11. F Coy Londons had a rifleman who was also ACF Lt. He deployed on Telic 2 as rifleman. Subsequently gained a TA Type A commission and is currently serving as Lt in 7 Rifles. His medal group of Telic, QGJM, Cadet LS is probably unique.
  12. Two hackneyed old sayings spring to mind.

    Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men,


    there are exceptions to every rule.

    If the TA were happy and the ACF wanted him neither org would likely shoot themselves in the foot by a rigid application of the rules. If the TA said : You can't do that, he might well respond : 'Okay, I'll sign off then. Don't much fancy getting shot at by 'Terry' in a sandblown shithole once in every four years anyway. That gives me more time for the ACF!'

    They can't apply the rules too rigidly to TA soldiers, because they could lose ever more of them. They are perpetual volunteers, and can return to their civvy status at any time they wish (except on ops)
  13. Hmmm. I rather think that my County hierarchy lack the imagination to apply the rules 'imaginatively' :(
  14. Hi,

    Not sure if it's the same, but I'm a 2nd Lt in the CCF... finally got it after 2 years of LD losing paperwork and waiting for 'security checks'.

    Ironically, having been in the TA for 11 years (currently a Cpl) the latter reason of security checks seemed an odd one... particularly as my SSI had faxed a copy of security clearance from TA to them! (I think they just couldn't be arsed to pull their finger out!)

    I hold two different numbers (TA is old style 'W10....' format and CCF is new style '300....'). I asked my TA PSAO about any problems with this (especially with regard to JPA) and he said that the system will just see me as two different people and it's not a problem. The only time it could possibly be an issue is if the two were to ever meet... highly unlikely and two different cap badges anyway.

    All I need to worry about now is making sure I wear the correct rank slide & change berets or it's gonna get very expensive... TA drill nights are same day as CCF, and the guys are all waiting for me to forget to swop and make me ring the bell!!

    My only 'beef' with the whole situation is the fact that Frimley want me to attend the Basic course... Having read the syllabus, I am not sure what exactly I will learn from it. I am already RMQ through TA, as well as a drill pig. I'm due to go on a map reading instructors & BCDT course at some point this year for the TA as well. Plus I have worked at an RTC in the recruit training wing.

    Can anyone tell me what else I would gain from the Basic course. (I am a teacher, so the reason of 'you'll be taught about teaching children' which I have already been given, really seems a void one!). I fully accept going on the KGVI so I am not trying to get out of going on course, just trying not to p*** off the head by asking for time off when it could be avoided!

    I also find it strange that you don't have to be a SAA instructor to teach weapons in cadets, and I don't like that the cadets teach weapon handling to each other, when we can't at TA unless we are SAA instructors!

    Ooh and if anyone knows what the daily rate of pay is for 2nd Lt is, please can you let me know... not yet received a pay slip so only know that I am on the pay scale: CFAV / Level 7 of 7. Any clues?

    Thanks and good luck with resolving the whole TA SNCO / ACF Officer situation. It sounds like a case of 'cutting their nose off to spite their face' if they are saying it's not possible. I'm positive our TA bn also has a few other ACF officers who are TA SNCOs.