ACF Commission - The truth??

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Hoolie, May 23, 2008.

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  1. I'm an AI of what some may say short service however, I am eager to move forward in my career with the ACF and I feel that I may be able to give the most to the kids in our County if i were to do it from the officer end of the scale. Don't get me wrong on this one, I'm not after glory or wish for people to call me "sir" or anything of the sort - I just want to be able to give as much as I possibly can to the ACF and to the kids that are proud to call themselves Army Cadets and I feel that I can (personally) give my best as an officer.

    I've done the AITC and am waiting for confirmation of my AI's course at Frimley. I was a reg for just over 3 years before being MD'd and now I'm eager to press ahead with the ACF.

    Can anyone tell me the truth about becoming an ACF officer without the bulls**t I keep hearing from my colleagues about time served, course completion blah, blah, blah..... Please?

    It's my understanding that it is at the discretion of the County Commandant and that an AI is to apply direct (or perhaps through the CEO) to him in writing. There is an informal rule that he would be unlikely to support it if time served is less than 12 months but this ruling does not seem to be "hard and fast". I'm a professional Social Work practitioner on civvy street and, i believe, of good standing in the community but I keep finding myself increasingly frustrated with the hurry-up-and-wait attitude towards career progression that i keep finding myself up against......... Something i thought i'd left behind when I left the regs!!

    I'm sure the truth is out there!!!!

    Thanks for your help,
    Hoolie :oops:
  2. The ACF officially says you can be commissioned at any time, but thats like the windsurfing and gliding in the Army commercials, really...

    Its unlikely that anyone pre AI Frimley course is going to be reccomended, as this is not the ATC, who will commission practically anybody because it doesnt matter, they don't do anything important or interesting anyway.

    ACF Officers today are a bit more carefully chosen, and more is expected of them.

    Realistically, as you say, you have no hope at all if your Commandant doesn't support your application. Don't forget, you can be damned by faint praise too, so just getting to a Westbury Board is not enough if the board can read between the lines on whatever your commandant has written about you and it says your not officer material (whatever that is?)

    I am pre-ITC and as soon as I can, I intend to commission for the same reasons you have given. I don't care if I get saluted once in a blue moon, because real respect is about much more than that. It's about knowing that when you lead, they will follow and give you their best effort. Also one should consider the important extra opportunities you can facilitate for your cadets once commisioned and for your own development and training.

    AFAIK (and my Det Cdr, a SSI is going through it now,) its:

    1. Application

    2. Pre Westbury (Where you will be rejected/deferred 6-24 months/given the go ahead now)

    3. Westbury Cadet Forces Commissioning Board (for real)

    4. Published in the London Gazette, wear the pip (if you pass the board of course!)

    Can all be done in a year AFAIK.

    Keep us/me posted. I would be very interested to see how you get on.

    And of course, GOOD LUCK
  3. Thanks for the advice walt - I'll keep you informed!

  4. In my opinion (as a long serving member of the ACF who went through all the ranks except RSM), you should be thoroughly competent as an SI before you even think about commissioning.

    My reason for saying this? The gap between Officers and ORs is much narrower in the ACF than Regular or TA service and (again in my opinion) you need to have demonstrated the ability to do their jobs as well as you do your own.
  5. All the above is basically correct. More generally, to be considered by the Army Officer Selection Board for an ACF commission, you must have the formal support of your Commandant and of your regional Reserve Forces and Cadet Association, and you must have completed your Initial Training Course. Most counties will have you do a pre-AOSB training session to prepare for the board. I STRONGLY recommend that you do not go to AOSB without it!

    Normally, your Commandant will want you to have shown commitment (regular parade nights, weekend camps, and often at least one annual camp) It is no longer required for you to complet the AI's Course at Frimley before AOSB, but if successful you must do it before completing your 2-year probation as a 2nd Lt in order to get your second pip.

    As to time served, Commandants are increasingly identifying potential officers among promising newcomers as well as long-serving AIs. This is partly about retention of promising individuals, and also a national shortage of officers. The training is the same for AIs and officers.

    For the detailed procedures, talk directly to your Cadet Executive Officer, whose staff will have to process the paperwork. He or she is the horse's mouth on such matters.
  6. What about retired Reg or for that matter TA officers? I only ask because a pal (an ex major) is now teaching flying in the ATC. Do Maj/Sqn Ldr Retd have to go through selection as well? Can a TA officer serve in both?
    Enlighten me and others out there how it works
  7. Reg or TA Officers must sit a transfer board at AOSB - they will then decide whether the individual is suitable to be an officer in the ACF, or whether they need to sit the board again. In the case of TA Officers, they can serve in both the TA and the ACF, but TA must take higher priority.
  8. There is actually an increasing amount of Officer specific training happening these days.
  9. interesting to read this...i got "the talk" from the CEO AND the commandant pretty much as soon as i arrived! i've now been in the acf for not quite 10 months, just passed ITC last month, and have agreed to start officer training in september. (i told them i wanted to do at least one summer camp as an SI).

    let's face it, not only am i a teacher (i was told all "professionals" are supposed to be asked to join as AUOs), and not only did i do 3 terms at sandhurdt (before failing, and that was 12 years ago) but when i showed up on my first night i was wearing cords, jacket and tie because i was told it was "smart casual"! they spotted me for a potential rupert that first night!

    apparently i have to sit through some officer training - i'm told it's mostly cups of tea chatting about divorce. frankly i could do with skipping the whole AUO thing and get on with doing westbury asap. i saw that article in the cadet magazine last year - cadet force comminsioning is the same as RCB but without the phys, and i already passed that before!

    totally take the point about being a comepetant AI before becoming an officer, but to be honest, with my experience and quals in education i piss on most SIs in this county! they had me instructing other AIs the other day!

    looking forward to doing the AIs course...ITC was perhaps the easiest course i have EVER been on, so hopefully it wll be more of a challenge.
  10. I'm not aware of this. Certainly in my case, I was simply transferred from the Reserve of Officers to TA List B by action of MilSec, although that was some years ago before Westbury took over all commissioning. I think also there may be a time limit, but that begs the question of when does a commission expire - some would say never, because even an RO is on a list.
  11. Oh come on! Teaching and instructing are NOT te same thing. I refer you to the number of utterly bone teachers/officers in the CCF.

    Win your spurs as an AI before your wear 'em as a Rupert.
  12. mwl946

    mwl946 LE Good Egg (charities)

    I agree entirely with previous post.

    Been with ACF 7 years, completed CFCB Westbury 2 years ago, and just got second pip up. I too am a "professional" but did not for a moment think that by virtue of my civvie occupation i should be deemed more suitable as an ACF officer. Thats for Westbury to decide!

    My advice: be patient, put in the courses first. You ll get infinitely more respect in the long run
  13. Get fcuking real, I bet you're a member of the NUT. Don't come on this or any other forum boasting about your education and quals because you'll receive negativity such as this, go and join the ATC and "urine" on their youth leaders!!