ACF Colours Badge?

I know this website isn't really very fond of ACF matters, but I'll be in the Army soon enough. :)

Anyone know where I can get an ACF Colours Badge from? I've tried CadetKitShop and Cadet Direct so far, I need it because last year, and this weekend, I will represent the ACF at National Clay Pigeon Championships.

Cheers :)
Bit late if you needed it for last year!!!
You're meant to get given them after the applicable event, ie I just got my s/b shooting ones from months ago. As far as I'm aware, you can't buy them, so as Talon said, nag the apropriate officers to get them for you. I need to do the same for my Bisley badge for this year.
Those are shooting badges which are not what he was asking for.

Also that is a link to cadet direct who no one should recommend. Ever.
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