ACF/CCF Training courses available


I have a couple of questions:

Is there a definitive list that AIs can go on? Can they go on TA PTI course or Skill at arms courses etc. (just asking).

Why are some courses rank orientated? For example the All Arms Drill course. I mean in the CCF the majority of schools have officers, which means they can’t do many courses. Surely, this would be beneficial if everyone can do courses.

Many thanks
Well considering your example of the AADC, officers shouldn't be taking drill that often, so it would be a waste of money putting them through the course. Also, it wouldn't be very officer like. And courses such as the SAA courses, officers should already have done a variant of in sandhurst.
Ok, But the cadets are aged between 14 and 18. They are not old enough to go on the drill course. So how are they to learn without being given the DS standard?

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