Discussion in 'ACF' started by wo1slashedpeak, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. Every year at the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway they have a 1940's weekend with piles of really interesting military vehicles military re-enactments, displays and militaria stalls etc. This year it is on the 9th and 10th of September 2006 at the steam center, at Ludborough, just off the A16 half way between Louth and Grimsby. It is a great oportunity for any cadet detachment, contingents and squadrons to put on a display of what you do, and maybe even recruit both adults and cadets. Put up a 12x12, cam it up, bang a bit of a display out and bobs yer uncle! You are welcome to pitch up your tents and stay overnight. Just give them a call or look on their website and get yourselves down there. If there are any cadet organisations who would be interested in attending with a display, or just visiting then they will be made really welcome. Such events are visited by a lot, and I mean a lot of locals and people from far and wide so this is a great chance to show the public just what the cadets do. Plus, its absolutely FREE to get in and look around so that is a bonus. Your cadet establishment dosent just have to be local, anyone can come for a brilliant day out.
  2. Do you have a link old chap?

    It's rather too late to get all the clearances, but I'd be interested in bimbling along for a look-see :)
  3. Sorry but due to my crappy technical abilities with compuers I am unable to add a link, However, if you look for 'LINCOLNSHIRE WOLDS RAILWAY' on your search engine then that should do the trick. Absolutely everyone is welcome and any cadet unit interested in putting on a display is really welcome. This is a great opportunity for local detachments, squadrons and whoever, to do some recruiting and get some publicity. Are you listening Lincs ACF???????
  4. I spoke to the chappie who runs the military side of the 1940's weekend today. He says that he has invited the local CCF at Louth time and time again but they just cannot be bothered. The same of the ACF, ATC and the Marine Cadets. Whats the fecking matter with you all! Are you so stallid and set in your ways that you cannot be bothered to get off your big fat arses and put on a display! This is an excellent chance for you to show yourselves off and what you do to the public. This could help the enlistment of cadets and adults!!!! Hello! Dime Bar!!!!!! There are three ACF Detachments around Grimsby, thats less than 10 miles away, Another at Northcoates, another at Louth, another at Mablethorpe and another at North Somercotes. Countless ATC's around Louth and Grimsby, a CCF at King Edward VI Grammar School Louth. All within a 10-15 mile radius. Totally unacceptable on your part if at least you cant just take your cadets to have a look. Its free to get in, there is free camping and they would love for you to do an exhibit. Talk about cant be bothered!!!! Thanks however to the one guy who has shown an interest, I look forward to seeinng you there mate.
  5. At least someone can be bothered, I look forward to seeing you there matey.
  6. Thats a shame, my local ACF frequently helps out at steam rallys etc to raise their profile . Good on them I say !!!
  7. I bet you you don't actually have the balls to ring them up and say all that???

    In this case, I think your right!!!! (shock, horror), though by the sounds of it there is a lot of cadet participation in the area anyway, they should use the oppotunity of raising the profile of the cadets. What you say does raise another interesting point about the interaction between the cadet "services". The could come to an arrangement to each take it on every year, thus only doing one in 3/4 years!

  9. Tried to call but got an answerphone twice.
  10. Actually, it's a long way out of my area (not even in my county), but My chums and I enjoy this sort of thing so we'll pop along in a purley recreational capacity. I would certainly involve my cadets if it was local.

    It does surprise me about the local ACF though, HSY are usually very switched on in the PR department.
  11. Thanks HPF, its much appreciated.
  12. So are you taking your cadets then?

  13. Ahhhh Waltfest.....Loads of fattys dressed as wanabee SS. thrilling :!:
  14. good, you will have to do a PXR for us afterwards!!