ACF Camp - Hythe

Just a quickie really to say just been on camp with a cadet unit to Hythe. I'm from a RTC so was jut there to run the ranges for them. Just to say was really impressed with the keeness and willingness of the guys and girls on the ground. Even thought it was flippin hot hey were still well up for crawling and running around. Well impressed! Don't know if any of the staff or kids will see this but if i say "not a range it's a battle exercise" and call me "sabrey" they should know who i mean......Mind you getting nearly 70 rds per practice probably helped their enjoyment!
I couldn't go to Hythe because of work :-(

Glad you had a good time, I look forward to hearing the stories when I next parade.
The NAAFI staff there were a great help. We were at the Lakes up at Hythe and started ferrying our kiddies down to get the out of the torrential downpour that ensued and the NAAFI staff kept it open as long as we needed it.

Good job choccy selling type fellas!

Altcar ranges were fun...Hythe next year? News to me...guess us lowly SI's aren't privvy to that sort of onfo :p
benwiltsacf where you in any way responsible for the loss of a certain minibus from the watermanship area my mate is still getting abuse over that some 10 days later ?

low_on_ammo Lydd has some of the best range's around shame the cadets cant use half of them.

say_again Cheers mate sounds like this was my unit dependent on dates your name prompts dont help much as i was not on the ranges for more than five minutes at a time.
I wasn't responsible but was in the mess when the abuse was starting. We did get to thinking that 32 Engineers were going to put it on eBay but we got it back eventually:)
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