ACF Camp 06 best activity?

for me the DCCT shootout adult evening with Kareoke

the worst Woodland Theme park, a big let down for the cadets
Without a doubt skiing on a dry ski slope at RM Condor. Cadets absolutely loved it. :D
Ammo ...careful, you might reveal yoursecret identity. The kids seemed to enjoy kayaking this year, but I have to say, the County Tog of War was pretty entertaining
ok,obviously a taxing question...i shall put it another way,what activitys would you use/book for your ACF next year?
Iam after a feel for what the cadets enjoyed the most,AT,Range,Go carts etc etc etc is anyone out there doing the LCGI?
DCCT range, went on it most days, i can just imagine the playstation 3 looking exactly like it....comes with the SA80 as the game controller.
When i get a couple of years more experience under me i wouldnt mind doing the DCCT course, but i heard u have to do your full bore first, which is logical...but a pain in the ass
I ran an archery evening for the signallers between their second and third exercise - great laugh.
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