ACF Camp 06 best activity?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Hello......................Well here you can tell us the activitys you enjoyed most this year at camp.Also the worst!
  2. for me the DCCT shootout adult evening with Kareoke

    the worst Woodland Theme park, a big let down for the cadets
  3. Without a doubt skiing on a dry ski slope at RM Condor. Cadets absolutely loved it. :D
  4. Ammo ...careful, you might reveal yoursecret identity. The kids seemed to enjoy kayaking this year, but I have to say, the County Tog of War was pretty entertaining
  5. an entire company doing "Zulu" during the tug of war
  6. ok,obviously a taxing question...i shall put it another way,what activitys would you use/book for your ACF next year?
    Iam after a feel for what the cadets enjoyed the most,AT,Range,Go carts etc etc etc is anyone out there doing the LCGI?
  7. DCCT range, went on it most days, i can just imagine the playstation 3 looking exactly like it....comes with the SA80 as the game controller.
    When i get a couple of years more experience under me i wouldnt mind doing the DCCT course, but i heard u have to do your full bore first, which is logical...but a pain in the ass
  8. got to do a pairs fire and monover exercise with SA80s, that was pretty cool
  9. I call BS on that one!
  10. I ran an archery evening for the signallers between their second and third exercise - great laugh.
  11. we did really, i spose i'm exagerating when i say exercise, it was a lane, and we only got 20rnds each, but it was still pretty cool.