ACF Cadet Movement.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Bisley, May 31, 2005.

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  1. :? Does anyone move cadets from one location to another by anything other than mini-bus?
  2. yes, some of them walk ;)
  3. Yes. I've found that LCV's work very well indeed, as in Leather Covered Vehicles. Have at times had a coach and driver provided by out local transport squadron of RLC, in fact using one of them later this week. Often though. numbers make use of a minibus nore economical, even if we need to use two of them.
  4. Yes we have used public transport!
  5. If you were in my det, speaking in that way you would require some expert medical help, you sicko! If you are indeed a member of the ACF, best hope we don't cross paths.
  6. Coach (Private Hire)
  7. Two points.
    1. I was hoping to find out if anyone still uses trucks. I didn't say as much because of those people who love to bait anything that they remotely consider to be the preserve of the TA and Regs.
    2. I have a son in the cadets. I like a joke as much as the next but talking about children and male anatomy in the same sentence, is not in my opinion appropriate under any circumstances.
  8. 'Trucks' can be used, but it needs lots of paperwork and the approval of the commandant, plus a willing TA/Reg unit to get them off, so minibuses will be easier ;-)

    At annual camp, administrators, Commandant and availability of 'trucks' in the same area, so is more likely to happen.
  9. Hi,

    We have 1 x Minibus per Company, great as it only has 12 seats.

    We have been told that we are no longer entitled to use Green Fleet.

    Our CEO has declared that no Cadet can travel in a 4 tonner unless it is on the Trg Area. Surely a 4 tonner is safer on the roads than the Training Area.

    I do have Landrover on my FMT600 but am told I must requalify every 6 months.

    If the TA were to want to lend us vehicles it has to go through 145 Brigade. So I think a combination of Coaches, Minibus and private cars is the only way forward.

  10. Thanks very much for that. I was curious as I have LGV1 and a full PSV. Have recently had to sit the test for my FMT600 and I have been wondering what hoops I would need to jump through to drive the trucks if the opportunity arose.


  11. Thanks, very amusing: read the entire thread for the answer to your question. Love the badge, what reg is that?
  12. a message pointing out that the poster is breaching the user policys to is the a possible way to deal with such postings.
  13. Bad CO

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  14. Yes i was in No 1 Stoke on Trent area, and we used to use 4 ton bedfords....but this was in the late 80's early 90's !