ACF Brassard question

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by polar69, Jan 21, 2006.

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  1. A sensible post for once

    Unteroffizer Polar69 jnr got his 1 star badge this week and on interrogation displayed vague notions of where it should go on his brassard

    So where does it go, is it along the bottom next to his SAS snipers badge ?
  2. on the lower right hand side, next to the sas sniper badge!
  3. But the snipers badge is on the left ?
  4. So that it looks like it is being fired from the SAS snipers badge if that helps
  5. Cheers mate, sewing lesson will now follow

  6. If he has his 1 star badge, then he should have been told by his AI's where its goes, its in the book...get him to look it up
  7. It is indeed in the book.

    However, sniper badge on the lower left (as you look at the brassard) and star badge on the lower right. Both badges whould be cut by the crease (if his unit goes for the three crease approach).
  8. A Coy Driffield acf
  9. Not a million miles from me, but still a different county so couldn't really comment. Do they have three creases down the brassard (ie. fold in half & press it, then fold the outer sides into the middle and press again. This leaves you with a three sided box type effect).
  10. No , vertical creases, can't for the life of me remember if its 1 or 2

    Anyway thanks for the advice
  11. Have a look at this, it'll give you a good idea where badges should go.

    Don't read too much of the RSM's page. He seems to be a little (ahem) eccentric in some of his views (and spelling).
  12. hi polar,
    just found an old copy of the cadet training manual from my cadet days

    chp 3 sec 2 para3 covers the position of badges

    it makes me feel old reading it, the pictures still depict a cadet doing drill with 303 and wearing 37 patt webbing

    hope this helps
  13. sorry it wont allow me to upload the photo, pm me if you want it
  14. You need to put a URL of the picture in betweent he img tags and not a file extension from your computer. You can upload it somewhere such as tinypic and then do the same as above with the URL.

    As Harry says the badge should go to the right of the brassard with the 'sas sniper badge' to the left. However, should he get any more badges then the APC badge must be moved so that it is at the top right (ALWAYS) with the other badges (there is a max of 4) should then be sewn top left, bottom right and then bottom right respectively (square type formation).

  15. I did read it, and as there is NO WO1's in the ACF and NO RSM's only RSMI's he needs to get out more, now if he can hit me over the head with his ACF issued Warrant I will gladly cut away and burn my (regular) one..