ACF banned from carrying weapons on Remembrance Day

Discussion in 'ACF' started by msr, Nov 5, 2010.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

  2. The ACF carry target rifles if anything, since when have they used weaponry.
  3. When i was a cadet, some years ago we used the cadet version of the SA80 (I forget it's specific designation...I'm sure a spotter will inform me soonest) for rifle drill occasionally, and I recall some of the senior cadets carrying them on remembrance parade.

    Don't see an issue with it personally. I'd rather see gun handling taught to kids in a controlled environment. Far better than keeping them 'taboo', that just makes them more interesting to kids!

    This country just has an endemic gun phobia. Need to get over it. They are just tools (both the guns and the guardian reading lefties...)
  4. None story

    Weapons are never carried on remembrance out or respect so why would cadets carry them?

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  5. Waitout you are correctamundo
  6. Wait out,
    You my friend are 'big chief talking bollocks', weapons on formal parades are carried...LOOK at the parade in London for starters!!!
  7. On our local parade one cadet from each of the different organisations (ACF, ATC, Sea cadets and Marine cadets) stand as an honour guard around the memorial, they carry a Cadet GP rifle.

    Other than that the only weapons I have ever seen on the parade have been officers swords and one bloke in a Foreign Legion outfit who carries a huge f-off hammer
  8. Mac. Now you've refreshed my memory. That's the only place I saw them on remembrance parade.
  9. Lets be fair, aren't there enough kids with guns on the streets ^^

    Yes, that's my limo, thanks
  10. Rifles are carried at the cenotaph in London.

    When I was in cadets I only ever saw 4 senior cadets (usually one from each of ACF, ATC, Sea Cadets and Royal Marine Cadets) carry them as the Quarter Guard at the Cenotaph.
  11. Better tell all those Guardsman etc they're are being disrespectful at the Cenotaph.

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  12. I have watched my daughter parade and lay the wreath on behave of the ACF on remembrance Sunday for the last 4 years, barring one and have never seen a cadet carrying any weapon.
  13. Well thanks for that grown up reply, a simple correction would have been appropriate instead of being down right rude.

    Thinking about it I do recall the guards marching with weapons. However over the years I've never carried a rifle or a sword during a remembrance parade.

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  14. I never said that I only said they were not carried as I understood as a sign of respect.

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  15. Cadets may not--------But.

    Plymouth remembers the Fallen