ACF are we doing it right ?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, Mar 25, 2006.

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  1. are we doing the ACF right for the Kids so far, is there any scope for improvment ? something to stimulate their interest, activities. anything that is not yet in the training program of the ACF but could have been included.

    Geordie Blerk fook off don't bother baiting
  2. think the acf is doing the kids good in the be honest im not sure what could be added to the training programme. But then again i dont know the fullness of whats available to them at the minute
  3. i think thats the thing, many of us don't know everything that is available, the mushroom syndrome
  4. Kids love being warry, so maybe increasing the amount of options for fieldcraft would be a viable solution?

    The kids would enjoy it more.

    However, getting better kit would be a start, some of it is 5 Star gash.
  5. Especially as we are the army's most effective recruiting tool! Look at what the OTC get in comparison to us! (NO I'm not starting another OTC vs ACF argument!)

    I think one of biggest things we miss out on is working with Regular/ TA units. We have attached staff on annual camp but that's it really, the facilities they have on offer would be ideal for retention of senior cadets post SCIC.

    Oh and the CTT's aren't just for the CCF, remember they can be requested for ACF weekend camp assistance!
  6. Funny that! I was ata conference recently and was told that many of the Army recruits come from the ATC and that they were pushing ACF hard (sure I heard beating mentioned?) as source of recuits.

    Must be a bit galling doing the stuff and seeing the Cadets swan off into another branch.

    Still, there were also comments about Sea Cadets working closer with ACF and mutterings about tri-service and Cadets. Would be interesting as didn't think SCC got any MOD dosh whilst ATC and ACF did. Is this a cunning plan to stretch cash furhter whilst using less he thinks (always had problems with conspiracy theories :) _,

  7. I didnt think that the ATC got assistance :?

    Saying that, the kit has got a lot better recently, a lot of this new stuff with built in Union Flags is quite good. 58 Webbing should really have gone out with the ark, as even though it isnt bad kit and got us through the Falklands, its a nightmare for kids to deal with, especially when they are using SA80 magazines.
  8. RAF support for ATC is pretty good. In fact they have more in the Cadets than in the regulars and consider us (err, them - sorry was Cadet and still Padre to ATC as well as SCC and shortly ACF as well as my Reg Padre post in TA) a good investment.

    SCC get no support though. Everything they do is funded by donations and fund-raising at unit level. hat said ACF is biigest by far and gets shedloads of dosh, etc. compared to ATC.

    Thanks for reply,

  9. Thats suprising, because even thought the SCC get no funding they are always impeccably turned out when they show their faces at any events.

    Turnout is a real issue with some cadets across all three services, although I suppose that really does depend on the quality of their detachment instructors. THe pattern seems to be that sh!te looking units have sh!te looking instructors.

    Any opinions?
  10. Our local SCC unit has found itself oversubscribed to the point that it has puit an embargo on recruitment and has a waiting list!

    I am not finding that with my other two Cadet groups, one of whom is struggling to keep strength to exist.

    The SCC members are always out packing bags and doing stuff in the community to raise cash and awareness. They are extremely well regarded and have a strong parent and civilian committee relationship. Other find parental input and support patchy at best.

    To quote Artie Shaw 'Very interesting ;-)'

  11. i believe if the TA/Regulars paid more attention to the cadet forces then things would be a lot better.

    When I was in the ACF, i was fortunate enough to have a week in Germany with my mates attached to the Irish Gaurds, and what I got to do with them (to an extent) has exceeded OTC, in that I drove a chelly, bombed about in a warrior, threw grenades, used a bazooka, used a GPMG and got to pull to a german dyke who turned out to be more interested in her girlfriend :? .

    Now i'm not saying that these activities aren't available in the OTC, they are, but my point is that if the kids realise there are opportunities to do things like this, it'll keep them happy, and undoubtably, keep them in the cadet forces.

    I was an Artillery ACF unit, and supposedly we were meant to get funding, attachments and training opportunities with said regiment, however it never happened.

    Additionally, there should be more competitions, of anything and everything i.e. patrolling, sports, shooting etc. Further adding to that, ACF should get to dabble in what the SCC, CCF and ATC have a hand at and vice versa.

    Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.
  12. The thing is no, you are not doing it right. You have got so far into DofE and other such non military activities that the core values and core basis of the ACF is being lost. Such as basic foot drill to start with, being turned out correctly. Actually knowing about the Regiment of the cap badge the cadet is wearing. Visiting the affiliated Regiment sharing Regimental days, actually promoting your LOCAL Regiment. Church partades and some of the more old fashioned stuff. Yes, I am getting old but the cadet movement is trying so hard in general to recruit cadets that sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees. One last thing; FOR GODS SAKE, GET RID OF THT STUPID BRASSARD! WEARING IT WITH CS95's LOOKS SCRUFFY AND STUPID!!!
  13. i agree, with 95s it looks rediculous, however it should not be gotten rid
    it may sound and look boy scoutish but next to me beret, it was the one big of kit i looked forward to putting on most, i was fortunate enough to end up wearing a brassard on both as i achieved badges left rght and centre, none without a lot of effort and credit where it was due.

    i felt proud as fook to wear it, and it got a lot of respect from the younger ones. however, the cadet forces should update to 95s, olive green is mean! should be reserved for when the likes of OTC/TA and Regs would wear their No.2s, parades etc, which the ACF should do more of.
  14. I agree that the bassard looks like sh*te when worn on cs95 kit. But also it does let the kids have some amount of pride in what they do, its their chance to show how much effort they put into the acf. Myabe retain it as an item that should just be worn on the green shirts when used for 'parade purposes?'ie rememberance days parades,church parades etc?
  15. I think thats its probably a good idea to give the cadets something that they can use when they leave, somethign on their CV, as otherwise it just ends up as a mini version of 22 years in the Infantry, where you can shoot everything, run every range, and the only thing you can use as a civvie is 1st Aid and driving. A D of E Gold is worth a hell of a lot after cadets, and it gets them into the local community as well.

    As to the foot drill and learning of military history, it really does depend on the instructor. I personally am really into it, and so my cadets do 30 minutes of drill EVERY week, along with two half hour lessons on other APC subjects, with the 1st and Final Parades of the night on top. Yes it may be a lot, but they love it that theyre better turned out and capable of passing subjects than any other detachment in the company.

    The old saying,

    Train Hard, Fight Easy

    True though, brassard looks w@nk with 95's, but i reckon it looks good when olive green shirts are rolled up in summer. Oh, and i'm all for having rank slides that have the word "cadet" on them to distinguish them from adults.