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Discussion in 'ACF' started by clanker, Apr 14, 2006.

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  1. Afternoon fellow arrse`s what do you charge your cadets for annual camp, we are a coastal county S.E England, we charge £60.00, this is £20.00 deposit and £40.00 for the rest, for this they get a t-shirt, a day out, this year probably Cardiff as we are going to Senny, so I was wondering what do others charge and what do there Cadets get for there money.
  2. £25 for 1 week (Juniors) or £45 for 2 weeks (seniors).

    They get a T Shirt and a day out (although usually a pretty crummy one) over and above the normal camp.
  3. blah
  4. Yes, your lot are very generous with the t-shirts, there's about 10 that keep popping up on our exercises now 8) By week 8 of cadet camps we were glad to get a clean t-shirt :lol:
  5. It was 10 quid when I was a Cadet. For that we got no T shirt, tin huts to kip in, blisters, gas capes & zipless maggot bags, bruised shoulders (Cheers Mr.303 ) & a 20 a day smoking habit !!!! OH !! & if you were lucky a 10 minute fumble with one of them new fangled "girl" cadets behind the NAAFI / bin area !!!! For some strange reason you also got the urge to sign up & do it for a living ?????
    IMHO good days looked upon with great fondness !!!!!

    Regards LT.
  6. £50 in our county, you do get a T shirt, a day trip, bit of a lottery that one, some went to Bovington, some to the beaches, My company went to Bournemouth, ok place , i did some exploring saw the cliffside railways, i would have thought a visit to a military related attractions would have been batter for Everybody, i dare say it is good value for money anyway , food , board, access to military training area, if you are lucky (or unlucky) a ride in an Army Ambulance to Salisbury hospital, as i had to accompany a cadet with a fractured arm, still he had something to talk about " I rode in an Army Ambulance ! " :lol:
  7. Anything between 50 to 90 ish quid, T Shirts of varying patterns etcetera, no days out though, and ours is a CCF.
  8. Blimey averages at 20-25 quid for our lot. Days out normaly included no t-shirts though. Personally I think expecting up to 90 quid off a cadet is daft. How can little timmy pay that when his parents are skint and hes not old enough to work? If I were a cadet and paying 90 quid to go away id want a facking good camp and pass all my apc subjects without hassle. (unlike on ours :) ) I just think its to much, especially if there are no days out/t-shirts/activities to justify that cost.
  9. Ah yes Monoose "The King of Fabreez" there where only 7 weeks Cadet Camps last summer! and there where good washing facilities at Warcop and room to do hand-washing at Wathgill. The T-Shirts do come in handy though.

    £90 I know it's CCF but that seems a bit much as half of them are unmotivated mongs anyway! :twisted:
  10. around 40-45 here, we're a CCF. dont have days out, when it comes to the camp having a day for units to do their own thing we normally have a choice between adventure sports (kayaking, climbing, you get the idea) oh i and we get a nifty little t-shirt.
  11. True, but they are predominantly rich kids so they can afford it :D :lol:
  12. Sixty quid sounds a little steep Clanker. We charge about £20 per week. For this the cadets get a couple of T-shirts and a polo shirt (we have to raise additional money for the T-shirt fund throughout the year).
  13. Sounds like your lot have got it right C_B, except for Otterburn, that is. By the way I have semi-crumbled over my Coy HQ dilemma, I have agreed to give Plt Comd role a go. 3 Dets to look after, one a bit far out but workable, the other two quite close to me , hey if it all goes wrong , back to Det Comdr if lucky.
  14. £50 in our county, no T shirt but day out, not that pricey and you can pay it in bits and pieces so if you are a bit hard up you will not miss out. very unfair to suddenly demand all the cash in one go.
  15. £20 and we get a notepad