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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by bibo_boy, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Can you help out at Cadets whilst still serving with TA?

    Do you have to join ACF as a AI? Or can you just assist as needed?
  2. I'm sure exactly what the score is on that but i know we 2-3 TA people helping out with our Coy on a regular basis

  3. Cool do they assist the other instructors?
  4. Yes,

    The walt AI's don't like them though and take every oppertunityti stab them in the back. Ignore them and you'll be fine

  5. Actually, i've got a lot of spare time on my hands at the moment and there's a cadet det. just down the road from my house. Who should I contact to help out?
  6. I'd just give then local unit a call....
  7. I help out on a monday and thursday night with the cadets at the local ACF det and the TA pay me to do it, i also attend all their summer camps and get paid for that too, in 2004 i spent a total of seven weeks on cadet summer camps. however, NEVER NEVER become an adult until you have helped out and experienced it for yourself, i refuse to become an adult instructor as i would loose all the benefits (like the pay) of being a TA Soldier attached

    no offence intended to ACF staff but some of you guys are choppers like i am sure Regular/TA Soldiers are :)
  8. Every organisation has its cnuts. Theres also a pool of dedicated adults who put lots of their own time into keeping detachments ticking over.
  9. Isn't Bibo Boy a bit of a walt? Couldn't handle Signals, Couldn't handle P Coy and has now mysteriously left the TA :?
  10. i totally agree with you there, however i dont agree with senior cadets coming straight back in as adults, they have not matured enough and i reckon a 3 year gap or a years TA/Regular service would be acceptable
  11. **bone question** But can you not serve with a TA Unit as well as being an AI?
  12. yeah you can in some counties but i would not suggest it
  13. :) Actually I've not left TA..........
  14. I actually applied to do AI as well as do my own TA commitment. I found that the whole process of joining the ACF was really long and drawn out and it took nearly 2 months just to get the initial paperwork sent out. It takes forever to just get to Potential Instructor. I was welcomed with open arms by the detachment commanders, however I was warned that the higher ranks don't really like the idea of TA doing ACF as well due to the commitments of both mixing i.e parade nights mixing and availability at weekends. I really was put off by the higher ranks when I met them and had spoken to guys who had to change to specialist TAC so they didn't have to parade during the week. I also heard about other guys who had been 'asked' to hand in kit etc due to their commitments with the TA. I suppose what I am rambling on about is yes you CAN do both but it may not be worth while the hassle and the time it takes to process you application.
  15. It depends on your county.................I have been in 2 ACF countys and carried out a TA commitment with no problems in fact I have recived full suport from both of them.......The 2 months paper work is held up mainly because of referances and CRB / disclosure Scotland Checks that are carried out on every adult joining the ACF............At the end of the day cadets are Children and as a youth organisation checks have to be made on it potential adults who look after them.