ACF and No2 Dress

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by comrade-max, Nov 12, 2006.

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  1. Im sure this has been brought up before but i need several answers.
    Im an RGJ cadet l/cpl, this morning i did the rememberence sunday parade, i was the ACF representetive (spelling?) on the honour guard standing next to a Marine (SCC) Cadet an air cadet and a navy cadet. The marine and the navy both had No1's and the air cadet had blue lightweight type trousers and blue wooly pully, and there i am in the middle in c95 trousers OG shirt wooly pully and combat jacket. I actually felt ashamed.

    Well me and anoter cadet had a conversation about how much we wish we had No2's and how much we miss lightweights. We were thinking of raising money and buying No2's for our small platoon. I was wondering what JNCO's and Privates ware in No2 situations in the regular army, because looking on 'The Rifles' website JNCO and Private's No2 dress is missing.

    Question One - Do JNCO's and Privates have No2's???

    Question Two - What are the rules about cadets waring No2's in the ACF??? (apart from the whole parade in same dress rule?).

    Question Three - If the answer to the above means that we can have No2's, has anyone got any ideas for fundraising events???

    I was also thinking that the organising of the fundraising events could go towards my cadets 3 star cadet in the community
  2. 1. But some units only issue them when needed, or required, like for yesterday and today.

    2. Cadets can wear No2 Dress, but normally it is issued by your County / Bn HQ - Check with your Platoon IC.

    3. Your County normally has some available, but otherwise talk to your parent capbadge, and get them to find a few "extra" sets for your platoon :)
  3. well ill do some checks, we have a chronic uniform shortage ATM, so we can't get em from official channels, ill speak to the RGJ about getting what we can, even if its just stuff like the black badges or ties etc. Or should i leave it until after we amalgamate into the rifles?

    Oh and you've not met my platton IC if i get him to do it, its not happening. His heart just isnt in it
  4. when i was an army cadet---1970-74
    we had battle dress 1949 pat.. blankoed belts and gaiters...then we started buying our no2s from silvermanns in london....still think the battle dress looked smarter..--and ammo boots.. great times...
  5. Another thing, where do u get the rilfe green peaked caps from?
  6. Not sure, if you do.... Green Jackets wear them, LI don't (Officers do!) Not sure about the Rifles?
  7. when you wear a No2 in the ACF, You need to wear an "ACF" pin on your epaulettesto make it clearthat you are not Regular and TA soldiers.
  8. Oh Yeah i know that. Well the idea is to make the cadet pay say £20 -£25 for the uniform. And we will raise money for the rest. So the cadet pays for say, the jacket and trousers, and we pay for stuff like the ACF badges, black butons etc. The events we do will also be good for recruiting too. I wish i could get hold of the RGJ dress regulations, or better the new rifles ones, then id know weather i need the rifle green hat, my female SI has one, so i guess that u would need one.
  9. try taking a look at their website and see if they have any photos, also email them direct, if youhave any contact with your parent regiment then give pay them a visit.
  10. Yes, you will wear a green hat as The Rifles.

    Rifles kit will be like rocking horse dung for years to come, so perhaps continue to wear RGJ buttons, collars, etc. The Yorkshire Regiment is in a similar pickle and they are simply continuing to wear their old regimentals with the new cap badge.

    No.2 Dress can be bought very cheaply on ebay if you're careful, the problem is always badges.
  11. I stood watching the ceremony in York today and was standing next to what I eventually worked out to be a cadet WO2. There were a few furrowed brows as the chap - entirely accidentally, I'm sure - had deigned not to put ACF anywhere on his uniform creating the hilarious situation where I was about to rip him a new one for being a screaming walt as no-one who looks like a <20 yr old Tom could possibly wear the badge of those Warranted leaders of men, especially on this of all days.

    Luckily, sense prevailed and his jaw remained thoroughly intact. :)
  12. Rifles Dress Proposals dated 20 Feb 06 state:

    RGJ Pattern No1 Dress Cap with Rifles Silver Cap Badge and Gloster Back Badge for both No1 & No2 Dress.

    Other Ranks Number Two Dress:

    Rank to be Black on Green with insignia individually outlined in Silver

    Buttons to be Black Flat Buttons embossed with Rifles 'cap badge'

    Shoulder Titles - Black metal 'Rifles' (or Black ACF?)

    Black Collar Badges - Small version of Rifles cap badge, paired

    Whistle Cord - Currant RGJ pattern

    Croix de Guarre to be worn on both arms

    Black Cross Belt for SNCO's & Warrant Officers only otherwise Black Belt with Rifles Buckle

    Other than the Badges & Buttons, Most of everything else should be able to be 'acquired' from the RGJ QM's
  13. thankyou you are a star!!!
    another question, Are OR's to wear the plastic waist belt with the beltbadge(like from the No1 dress)?

    And do all OR's wear the whistle cord and Croix de Guarre?
  14. Just had another look:

    Up to Sergeant - Black Belt with Rifles buckle as worn with No1 Dress
    Sergeant and above - SNCO pattern Cross Belt and Badge

    Whistle Cord - Current RGJ Patterns (Officer & Soldiers) worn on right shoulder by L/Cpl and above

    Croix de Guerre - All Ranks

    Bear in mind these are the proposals. You need to check with the regiment to see if all has been approved.
  15. yeah i will, i just had another look at the website and the jacket and trousers are different, they are 'Brown barathea Jacket', its a completely differenct colour, so thats going to cost more. We got alot of work to do. I still got to get this cleared with the two plt Co's (we march as one on rememberence day) but it should work. Ill get it cleared with them and then get on to the RGJ Regimental QM