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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Churchills_left_nut, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Firstly Hello im new here!
    Now having read alot of the posts on here i have a bit of an annoying subject.
    I have been in this organisation for many years and have reached the dizzy heights of detachment commander. I have planned and ran training weekends for differant events (team selections or senior cadet type training) i parade twice a week and attend as many camps as possible, im very aware of the old sayind the same old faces etc
    so i would say i am fairly useful to this organisation.
    Now i have attended a selection day for the commissioning board, to be told i did very well and am capable, but it would seem my personality is best suited to to the NCOs mess.
    so my point is it just my county that has an officers mess full of yes men and idiots who are incapable of doing half of what i do.
    seems like in this exclusive club your face has to fit!

    this organisation gets right up my nose at times.

    Thanks for reading and i welcome your posts

  2. Firsly the majority of you lot are not NCO's or Officers, you have not been in the Army (yes some are ex services) or would never been allowed in. There is a very good percentage of civvies who put in a lot of time twice a week or weekend cadet camps dressing up as NCO's or officers but thats it. When have any of you Cadet training NCO's / Officers put on your uniforms to go out to Iraq or Afghan (sorry to all you ex services amongst you.) Running a detachment is no different to running a youth centre so why do you deserve this officer status.
    On numerous occassions i have seen Cadet staff wondering around towns in uniform two or three hours before a cadet meeting where civilians believe they are the real thing. I had a cadet training officer who expected me and my blokes to call him sir when I was a regular SNCO (after explaining to him he was a civvy and would be knocked on his arse next time he listened). Get a grip do our wonderful training to those young cadets and when you put on yor uniform or mess dress remember its only for 6 hours a week.
  3. If you did very well, and are capable then you should be an officer.

    Surely being an ACF officer(or any sort of officer) is not just about mess life, but about 'serve to lead'

    'Personality' should not have anything to do with it. Its not a popularity contest FFS :!:

    If you are as experienced as you say, I think you should be commissioned.

    But, Do you think you should be commissioned? If yes, then tell them so, and tell them you don't wish to hear any nonsense about 'personality'

    It sounds to me like they are trying to make YOU change your mind about a commission, because they havent got a leg to stand on if they refuse you.

    If you are really unsuitable for another real reason you should be getting feedback about what 'officer-like' qualities, precisely you are lacking in. That way you can take steps to remedy this, and re-apply in 6-12 months time

    Or perhaps you really are a chopper and no-one likes you. :wink:

    Best of luck :D
  4. Well done Iron.

    You come across very well as a troll with a chip on his shoulder who incidentally has no regard for the soldierly virtues of following QRs to the letter, and not just the bits he likes, and especially with regards to saluting Officers and calling them 'sir'. Whether you agree or not, the fact is that he or she has a TA list B commission, A Queens commission no less, and is therefore due the compliment. Any SNCO would know that. And any SNCO who threatened, or even implied he would punch an ACF Officer, would find himself a JNCO pretty quickly. You forget, it is the duty of every officer to see that these regulations are adhered to.

    You never threatened anybody, did you, you bullshitter...

    However, in your case, I wouldnt want you anywhere near me, my officers, or my cadets, as you are a disgrace to the uniform you wear.

    And finally, whats the reckoning that you are no sort of SNCO anyway?, possibly not even in the TA or Regular army, as you seem to lack the wisdom, common sense or knowledge I would expect from a soldier, especially a SNCO. No doubt when you do get thrown out at MCP or after your next atrocious CR, you will pitch up at the local ACF, demanding 3 stripes or a pip, because you think you know more than anyone else there.

    You are not for real, Iron. I've met plenty serving soldiers and they arent so insecure that they feel the need to have a pop at ACF bods. They understand that the ACF is merely a youth movement, and that the Army is for killing the Queens enemies, and that is a world of difference.

    And finally, fück off to other parts of Arrse, and don't come here trolling on the ACF section. Its boring.
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    As a PSI at a TA unit, the local ACF commander "2Lt" was top notch, he knew his status as did I, he asked, he got whenever possible, he never ordered nor expected compliance, when in front of cadets I addressed him appropriatley, first name terms were used when appropriate as in any unit be it regular or TA or ACF :D
  6. OK how long have you served in the regular forces for or couldnt you get in? I have been in 20 years.

    Was the only way you could wear a uniform by becoming a Cadet NCO / Officer. No I have a very good career and get pissed off and embarresed when civvies believe some ill disciplined and untidy cadet staff are real military

    When was the last time you went on operations? I have a large selection to talk about what about you

    Do you put on the cadet uniform and walk around town before going into detachment evenings pretending you are a para like I have witnessed from a number of staff(obviously not a maroon beret but with para capbadge)

    If you are an ex squaddie I can understand and appreciate the help your giving to cadets but there is a lot of people who couldnt hack it who put on the uniform and pretend.

    I have seen it, done it and still doing it so can you answer the same questions honestly, if you are an ex squaddie you will understand the frustration.
  7. Oh the agony of it.............. Every time I look in here the threads are plagued by the usual fcukwits..... :roll:

    Kiddie fiddlers blah blah blah........we don't have to call you sir/salute.....blah blah fcuking blah :sleepy:

    Obviously IRON what you know about the ACF could be written down on the ball sack of a ant....... in capitals :roll:

    Troll off somewhere else.......... the STAB forum would be a good place?

    Until then here are some phrases you could look up

    :slow: B Class Commission......

    :slow: Youth organisation with a higharachy based on military rank.......

    :slow: Giving up free time for no pay to provide activities/self respect for today's youth....

    :slow: Sitting on backside / laurels and having a pop at others.......
  8. Another wannabee then are you BOB what couldnt you get past selection either.
  9. I have no hard feelings towards the ACF youth leaders , however here are a couple of phrases for you Bob.

    The Army Cadet Force is not part of the Army.

    All adults in the ACF are youth workers.

    oh and the word is 'hierarchy'[
  10. I have no hard feelings and realise that they do a cracking job keeping people of the street and you are correct they are Youth Workers. It just gets on my nerves when a proportion of them think they are proper soldiers and walk around town in para smocks and berets two hours before a cadet night making civvies think there squaddies. I know of cadet staff who have shrines of military stuff and pretend theyve served when they have never served this country. When I go back to sandier places again soon will they jump in my bergan.

    Ive proved Im still serving walt so why dont you and BOB tell me of your illustrious careers please. See Ive not insulted you, can you have a debate without your wonderful phrases please.
  11. So what? I havent served in regular or TA. That is because after leaving Uni, I got a demanding and well paid job in Civvy street, using my education. I was earning nearly twice what a Lt would have got in the army, and I've been doing that job for 19 years. I sometimes regret not joining the Army or RAF, but I recently found out I have a slight heart disorder, probably hereditary, which would have seen me discharged anyway by now. My fitness is satisfactory for ACF duties, and I suffer no ill health effects because of it. But I would never be classed fit for ops. So one thing is for certain. I would be a civvy now, even if I did join the Army straight after Uni.

    No. I do not. I drive directly to my detachment, but the point is noted. He should not be walking around town unneccessarily dressed like that. Its bad PERSEC. The cadets are not allowed to, so he is setting a bad example. In this instance, I agree, he needs to be 'gripped' urgently.

    So, you think being an ex-squaddie makes you somehow automatically more capable of motivating, leading, organising and training a mixed group of teenagers in a voluntary youth organisation? I've seen plenty of ex-squaddies come and go in the ACF and ATC. Some get it, some don't: Some are excellent and some are atrocious. And the best judges of that are often the cadets. Being an ex-squaddie does not automatically make you a better ACF adult. If you ever join us, you will find that out. It has of course significant advantages, but probably not in the way that you at first think.

    You have seen and done a great deal, and I respect that. But that is not at all relevant to the ACF. The MOD may have given you medals for what you have done. Do you expect the ACF to give you medals too?

    I understand you may have met a few idiots in the cadet forces, I can think of a few too, but doesnt every large org have some idiots? Are there none at all in the Army?

    Our other problem is that we draw on a very limited pool of volunteers, which sometimes means we have to lower the bar slightly in order to keep the organisation going (something I disagree with, but that decision is not in my pay band :roll: ) but the situation is improving and it is long way from being RAOC* like in the old days

    *Recruit Any Old Cünt
  12. Thank you for your honest reply Walt
  13. Oh my life is not long enough to argue with the I've-been-to-the-sandpit-therefore-a-proper-soldier-and-now-I'm-going-to-hard-it-up-to-the-cadet-force this week :sleepy:

    Cadet Force this week...... Stavros in the kebab shop on Saturday...... oh the misery of it all :yawn:

    No doubt IRON-HOOF can dazzle all with daring military exploits driving a water bowser on some such job of vital military importance. :bow:

    Dear HOOF just give your brain a chance to catch up and consider who you might be displaying your ignorance to?
  14. Walt thanks for the indepth response to my questions and after reading your reply I hope everything goes well for you. I realise theres some really good help to young lads out there and I have been on at least 100 cadet evenings in the past. There is a number of incidents that have really upset me with staff but on the whole majority put 100% in. Hope everything goesa well for you.
    As per BOB your reply above totally answers what a cnut you really are, yes I have been in he sandpit and going back again shortly with lots of young hard working loyal lads(some who drive water bowsers which is vital military importance), cant you answer a simple question, have you served before if not why not sign up and see how important everybodies job is in this jigsaw.
  15. edited cos i'm a mong and it's late :roll: