ACF and Famous??

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by jasonl64, Feb 4, 2006.

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  1. Have been watching a thread in one of the other forums, commenting on famous people / celebrities that are ex forces. It got me thinking that there might be serving famous instructors or cadets, or ex acf that are famous.

    Anyone know someone??
  2. apparently kelly holmes started her athletics career in the ACF, but not positive on that.
  3. Joss Stone.
  4. yes she was in the Cadets, also i believe Jodie Marsh was in the ACF as well
  5. Crikey!! imagine trying to tame that one!

    'Oi Marsh! I told you to clean the cam cream off properly'

    Its my foundation sarnt'
  6. Linford Christie
  7. I thought Linford Christie was in the ATC though.
  8. I stand corrected - Linford Christie was ATC. Ah well, maybe he was misguided
  9. Indeed, but at least some ATC cadets see the light and join the OTC.
  10. seen the light?
    gone over to the dark side more like
  11. Joss Stone ( now i add,not back when she was a cadet) in well fitting combat 95`s, singing"Don't Cha Wanna Ride" then a finale of "You Had Me" its why we have the red book im sure.
  12. Haha u lot can't touch her :D Means I get first crack...pun intended
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