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Good Evening All,

If possible through this forum could I have some sensible feedback on what is required of an Adult Instructor in the modern day Army Cadet Force. I have applied online for an info pack. My main concerns and queries are: The medical requirements, age limits, job specifications/training requirements and fitness levels, what is the route to spec TA Commission and is it acheivable without being a Teacher or Graduate! SNCO where do you start!. I have done my time in the Regs (Royal Engineers). I was a cadet way back at secondary school (Black Watch-Sheep SH**ger.The Jocks will understand!). I feel that its time to give something back. The Army needs the kids that are out there and are interested.
Where do I begin??? The Info pack you should receive will tell you a lot, however basically....

Medical: You need to be classed as medically fit by your Doctor. Not up to Reg / TA standards, just pretty average I think.

Fitness: As an unit instructor you ideally need to be able to keep up with the cadets in your charge.

Age: Up to 55 (then you have to start applying for extensions)

Job Spec / Training Requirements etc: Regardless of prior experience you will have to attend compulsary courses - Initial Training Cadre (ITC), Adult Instructors (AI) Course, etc etc. These require a week and therefore you may need to take time off work. You will be trained before attending these to make sure you're up to the standards required. However, all your previous experience will help you considerably, as long as you remember that times have changed.

Route to Commission is: Join as instructor and complete ITC, AI and 1 Annual Camp (You'll prob then have been in for 2 years minimum) before being recommended by your sector for CFCB at Westbury. No need for a degree etc - You just have to show that you have what they are looking for.

What else is required....
Enthusiasm (in abundance)
Commitment - Be prepared to lose weekends, Annual Leave etc
The patience of a saint - for other instructors and cadets
Common Sense
Being able to listen
And most importantly a massive sense of humour.

I could go on, but I won't - you get out of cadets what you put in, and it's a lot of effort, but well worth it. Good Luck for applying.
Look at the AI Recruitment thread in the stiockies above.
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