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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gunner_REMF, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Having settled in civ div I decided to get involved with the community and help out with the ACF. The thing is I have fcuking massive problem with quite a few of the adult instructors. Yes the kids can be a pain in the arse and yes you do feel like knocking the odd Cdt Sgt out but overal most of the kids are there because they enjoy the inclusion. BUT I have seen so many of the instructors in this area who must hav missed their vocation in life. There is one who has bought his own landrover, camnet, mushrooms and poles. He barks at the kids as if they were soldiers and when he's not out bullying kids he's out shooting dear at the weekend, oh yes and he hates regular soldiers. Regular little "Guns & Ammo Monthly" he is.. Has anyone else found to their horror what cnuts get to bully our kids. Some of the instructors are good and truley did miss their vocation but as for Guns & Ammo what can I say ..... any thoughts
  2. Yeah if he want to act like a twat take him around the back of the 110 for a "chat" and deck the fukker
  3. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry to say that you have just met the worst kind of ACF adult and what is more I would question why his company commander/County Commandant and CEO have not had a very blunt word with him about this kind of behaviour.

    if he is turning up on a weekend with this kind of kit he must stand out like a bulldog's knackers with a following wind.
  4. I have come acroos a wide variety of adult instructors in my caset "career" some of them very intresting characters. But they are all harmless. The knobs/walts I pay no attention to, you can usually spot them a long way out though, the way they refer to things like "my time in the army i took 100 tanks out single handley" they also tend to get things wrong ALOT though. AI's have to realise its a youth organisation not the regular army, we were formed as a defence force against french invasion but we aren't back in 1859, its 2007 and chances are cadets aren't going to be fighting any terrosists. I also find it ammusing how the walty AI's enjoy drilling a squad round a parade square for hours on end.
  5. Its not as bad as the ones who insist on drilling cadets around the showers for seconds on end.
  6. Tried to be an Instuctor and went away to a camp for a weeks training. Arrived on a Friday as the Col was being dined out. Tried to make stag on and then tried to get me to clean rifles at 0730 Sunday after the Colonels leaving do despite my not having used these rifles. Having told each person to fcuk off I then decided I wanted to go out to purchase somes odds and sods butwas told I was confined to camp as I was part of the instructor team and was also told that I had to salute ACF ruperts when in uniform. FCUK IT I said and handed over all the kit there and then and drove home. Bunch of fcuking sh1te. 33 and being told I cant go out.
  7. I know the person you are talking about Gunner_REMF and have seen the person in action i can agree this man is a cnut of the highest order
  8. I was a cadet in my youth, I must admit we had a Land Rover owning walty type adult, however we also had the Ex inf Regular, who seemed to have every adventure training qual on the planet, we spent most weekends absailing off viaducts or getting thrown into rivers. This bloke was the main reason I joined the army.
  9. Can't be as bad as the 21 year old split arse AI Sgt that stood on a RMQ course trying to order a room full of mildly amused full screws about on the grounds that she out ranked us all. It actually took an officer to take her to one side and explain a few facts before she would shut up....
  10. Yeah seen them, I know the guns, ammo, combat and cut your throat type. Funny enough when you talk to them the first words are normally "I was going to join the Army but.............. or I was in the Paras.
  11. Had a AN Air cadet instructor rupert type as a civi in my last unit right idle bitch she was spent god knows driving round doing her job! Anyway I digress she told one of the full screws were she worked that she would come in her uniform one day and would be expected to be called Maam and saluted...she was told to fcuk off :thumright:
  12. who vets these cadet instructors :pissedoff:

    because a few years ago i knew an ex-jock guard who was on antidepressant's , a piss artiste he was a bully with his bairns, who got chined for talking when he should of been listening, ,,and was in charge of young kids with weapons in the cadets
  13. There are many, many excellent instructors in the ACF, who are genuinly in it to stop the sprogs drinking White Lightning cider in the local park.

    However, due to the opporitunities for walting that it provides, there are also many cunts.

    I have been informed that our friend Logical_Log is in fact an ACF SI, who is such a tube that he has been turned down for his SSI on multiple occasions due to him being a hygiene deficient, sex-pest cunt. Something about only having one shower in two weeks on an ACF Annual Camp was mentioned, ill have to get back to you guys on this.

    Think about it,

    No PT,
    No Standards,
    Rank of Sergeant (SI), or even a Commission
    Prance around in uniform
    Play with weapons

    Its a walts paradise. All they have to do is pass a CRB check. Which isn't exactly hard.
  14. I'm in the ACF and have met some true walts.

    The real ex-regulaer army AI's love p1ssing them off. I heard a conversation like this a while back

    Ex-regular AI: "So you were in the parachute regiment in 1998 were you?"
    Walt: "Yes I was"
    Ex-regular AI: "Funny that as I was a instructor for P-coy that year and well, i don't remember you"
    Walt: "I'll see you at dinner"
    *walks off*

    i turned around and about 10 other ex regular AI's were all p1ssing themselfs rolling around on the ground.
  15. is he located in the nottm region i seem to remember a pri#k like that as a kid in the mid 80's