ACF adult instructor - medical ?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by pootle77, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi, I'm currently trying to decide whether to join the ACF as an instructor - just wondered whether I will be required to have a medical and if so what does it involve, Im a female - so any replys from other girls would be great. Cheers
  2. As long as you`re breathing you should be ok... :D
  3. Yep, you have a medical that conforms to the general army medical to see if you're fit to serve with the ACF. An ACF fem can tell you the details, but it's no big shakes with no 'internals'.
  4. the standards required is lower as you will not be required to serve in War, so no sunny trips to Iraq.

    the basic reason for the medical is to make sure that you won't be dropping dead in the next minute after all they will be investing training time on you and we are understaffed especially Female staffs , so they will probably be snatching your arm off !
  5. Medical......what medical?
  6. Yes, you are meant to have a medical. As Slick has mentioned, if you're breathing you'll probably pass! If an Army doctor does it you get the full PULHHEEMS treatment. For a civilian practitioner, as will probably be the case, they are asked to put you into 4 broad categories labelled I - IV.

    Category I means you have no major medical problems and are emotionally stable, Category II means you have some limitations which may impair your performance and you are emotionally stable, Category III means you are just about set for the knackers yard but still have the ability to fly a desk and are emotionally stable and Category IV means you're too medically unfit even to fly a desk or are emotionally unstable.

    If the doctor is doing it properly it will involve weighing you, calculating your BMI, peak expiratory flow measurement, snelling test, hearing test, chest examination and ask a few lifestyle questions. If he/she is in a hurry they'll ask you if you're okay, look at your records for a moment, then sign the form - this is highly likely. Nothing to worry about.
  7. What C_B said.

    They shouldn't do the "I'm just checking for lumps, please lift your arms" nor the "can you strip to your knickers i'm gonna put my fingers here and cough"

    If you feel uncomfy with a male doctor you can take another person in with you

  8. I had my medical in November last year for the ACF and is literally was a 10 minute check up.

    Turned up at the County's HQ, doc was there (who was male) and an 'assistant' who I think was an admin clerk that just stayed late (who was female). He asked questions regarding my family history, if any known medical probs etc, then an eye test (the typical, board and the 'can you read this for me please' approach). He got me to stand with my feet together and touch my toes, walk ina straight line etc - i felt like i was being tested for drink driving !

    He aslo checked my blood pressure and that was that.

    Nothing like the emdical I had whilst in the TA - where there, they really do 'check for lumps' and as very senitive questions.

    The ACF Mecial is nothing to worry about and once its done the rest of your paperwork can be processed through.

    If you have any questions about it or any other ACF AI query, PM me and Ill try my hardest to help

  9. No medical for the Sea Cadet Corps :)

  10. if you're fat , you'll float ! :D
  11. Just wanted to say 'thanks' to anyone who posted a reply - they were very much appreciated - cheers :D
  12. Just going through the ATC system, medicals only crop up if you write something in the medical boxes on the form... which I made the mistake of doing (I've got epilepsy) - no I'm stuck for a few months waiting for medical reports from my doc, from my consultant, and then for PTC & the CMO to make a decision. I can understand why they do it - but it's bloody annoying that it's likely to be a stop in the Commissioning process for 6-9 months!