ACF 0fficers?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by ready_wait_ready, May 22, 2005.

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  1. What is the score with ACF officers? Do we (grunts) have to treat them as we would a proper Rupert? On another thread someone claims that they do not hold a Queen's Commision, so where do we stand? I don't see why we (the lowest of the low (but above the ACF AI's)) should have to salute someone who is equivalent to a Scout leader?
  2. Well personaly I salute ppl who have passed out though sandbags.
    I think some go to TCB but the rest who are too old dont even do that.

    I can go buy a colonel's rank slide, but that dont mean I am one.

    If you dont wanna salute them then dont, what they gonna do eh?
  3. Just to throw something randomly in, I've seen a regular RSM salute a ACF Major in front of a load of new recruits at Warcop (reg recruits).
    I believe all acf commissioned officers above 2nd Lt hold the rank of acting Lieutenant (or is it 2nd?) in the British Army, regardless of if they're a major or a Lt Col. etc
  4. ACF officers hold commisions under the TA Class B list. All ACF officers have to have passed a TCB, unless they are aged about 33, in which case they have to go for a Divisional Assesment Board with the Brigade OC.

    So yeah, a regular RSM WOULD have to salute an Officer in the ACF, because that Officer is listed as a TA officer, there is no such thing as an ACF Commission. That's why, unlike ACF AI's, Officers in the ACF can be called up, however as they hold a Class B commission, they are unable to serve over seas.

    You should salute an ACF officer as you would any other officers, as they do hold Queens commissions. But I wouldn't recommend it! Not only is it poor discipline, but I can think of more than one occasion when a regular infantry Sergeant was RTUed for acting inproperly to an ACF Officer.
  5. Oh, and they do actually hold the rank they wear on their uniform. An ACF major is a TA Major...that's why it's announced in the London Gazette.

    however! ACF officers usually know their roles...they know not to go pissing off the regular soldiers, what would be the point? There are some knob heads, but the same can be said for anywhere...
  6. Nice thread, i was an ACF behatch for abou 8years, and the officers are very logical down to earth people(most of them anyway),
    but as the OTC they are just group B officers and will only get called up intimes when the country is in dire threat of invasion, and they'll send in brownies and scouts before then,
  7. Yes, Something like that, but it's changing...

    That's why ACF officers are List B, no call up/out obligation, nil, nought, no chance.

    There is also due respect etc. For an ACF officer to 'go off on one' if they have not been saluted is bad form, just like it bad from not to have been saluted in the first place.

    Indeed, Attached personnel to the ACF have to play the 'game' If they don't them they are not worthy to be attached. Also any ACF AI can call stop to any activity involving cadets, that is carried out by regular soldiers, if it breeches ACF rules, that's why there should be an AI with cadets at all time...

    The ACF has it's own set of rules etc, which are/should be explained to every attached person. I don't care if they instruct the SAS, they still will be briefed on ACF rules or they don't get to play.
  8. You people certainly are hung up on the issue of power and authority.
  9. so are you ! :D
  10. Do you have anything usefull to add?

    Have you though of playing with yourself?
    Might take your mind of things...
  11. Isn't everyone in the military!
    Its why we all wear rank slides - so we know who we can and can't tell what to do!
  12. There should be due respect, you're right, and the military structure in the ACF is mostly a game.

    That's why i get annoyed when regulars 'look down' on the ACF. We're not their to train soldiers, we're there to go out and have a good time doing activities that are different!

    I know the selection system is far as I'm aware, you only have to do a Division assesment board now? I think that's a bad idea! Some people aren't cut out to be ACF officers...they're bad enough as AI's!
  13. Just a quick tale to add to the thread and one that made me chuckle.

    Recently come off exercise and everone was cream crackered, as it was a wonderful day weatherwise all the Coy we on the grass infront of the armoury scrubing the last bits of carbon off their weapons ready to be checked in and bundled.

    At this time there was a regional ATC (the RAF one) camp on and there were masses of RAF (VR) officers wandering around everywhere and generally milling around, some of them did look like they needed to be taken off the ration role as well.

    The officers were off to the side cleaning their weapons as well, one of the junior subbies had his parts layed out on the pavement on his combat jacket.

    Suddenly as if on cue with each other these ATC officers all started making their way to the cook house, obviously before their cadets got their.

    As each of these officers walked along the pavement they tisked at my lot cleaning their weapons and looking as we did a bit gruby, nothing out of the ordinary considering we had just come of ex. The young subbie who was using some of the pave ment was getting the brunt of the attitude.

    It was until this female uber fat sausage scoffer walked passed and uttered "havent you got somewhere better to do that" to the officers of the Coy, did OC say somthing.

    He stood up and introduced himself to the female Flt Lt and asked her for her unit.

    That evening an official apology was accepted and an assurace that the Cadet camp would cover us on Fire picket.
    I can only explain this kind of reaction to us by the fact that they must have thought we were ACF or somthing and they didnt notice the rank of the officers. Either way it was amusing to watch and didnt put the ATC in a good light for some of the younger guys.
  14. i like that tale.

    i myself would make sure the cadets are fed before i am, first on dinner watch and last off it,
    also one important officer traits is Eyes and Ears open and Mouth shut and think before saying something.
  15. Indeed, it works quite well too.

    I remember many years ago someone telling me the perks i could have, tut. Told him that a rank is a responsibility, not a privilege, never spoke much to each other after that... I still have the responsibility, he has been and gone :)