Acer wireless mouse problem - help!

My Aspire Z5610 all-in-one touch screen's wireless mouse has stopped working (yes I know why do I need a mouse with a touch screen...I just do alright 'cos the touch screen is nice to have but...). Anyway it is not the mouse batteries, I have checked those.

I ordered a replacement mouse from the Acer spare parts provider and that does not work either. Thinking that it might be the dongle I have replaced that as well from Acer (bloody rip off!). Clearly I have tried rebooting etc. but nothing seems to work. The wireless keyboard works with the old dongle but not the new and neither mouse works with either dongle. I am having to use an old wired mouse which rather defeats the object of having gone!


I take it your on windows 7 for touchscreen?

There can be compatibility problems arising between having multiple 'pointing devices' running at the same time, this is true when you use a wireless mouse on a laptop with a touch pad too.
Doesnt normally happen with wired input just wired and I wouldnt know where to start if it was that problem.

Try re-synchronizing the mouse with the receiver if it has that function (hold the little button on the dongle till it blinks then press the little button under the mouse.
As pebbles says try re-syncing it. If that fails go to your system tools, hardware and find and remove (uninstall) the crazy dongle...unplug it and reboot. Then plug it back in and see how that gets on.

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