Acer travelmate 2310 help needed

Help ! Does anyone know how to get the motherboard out of the above laptop ?
I think I need to remove the keyboard as if I remove all the screws on the back I STILL can't get to it.

For those interested I'm trying to get to my power plug at the back, I think it has a dry joint
Have you got the cover off the hinges for the monitor? I think you will find more screws under there. I had to dismantle an Acer yesterday after the mains power connector shattered the jack socket when it met the floor. Luckily with some solder a bit of metal bending and some araldite rapid i saved myself £41.13 just for Acer to look at it god knows what else i saved :D
So if I take all the screws out underneath then the 3 screws off the hinges ? Or does the cover in front of the lcd have to come off ?
I am looking at an aspire 3630 and there are three screws, one in each of the hinge blocks that go in from the back. once these are out the black plastic cover between the keyboard area and the rear of the laptop should unclip and the screws holding the monitor to the body will be accessable once this is off the three screws below the monitor can now be undone. I take it the laptop is no longer under warranty?
I'm assuming its the power connector, mainly because I noticed it wasn't running with the power symbol on, then the battery went flat

How would a knackered battery affect the psu working ? ( willing to clutch at straws )
Thought that it might not hold a charge any more or is the power adaptor kicking out enough volts at the right amperage I had problems using an in car adaptor that was ok voltage wise but it didn't kick out enough amps to charge the battery and power the laptop at the same time.
Sussed it in the end, the cover for the hinges comes off with a bit of persuasion and it didn't take long befor eI had a pile of scres and a motherboard. It turns out the replacement plug I had bought ( the orginal went up the hover ) was a fraction of a mm too short.

Still it all works now !

Next quesiton, my hard drive says 60Gb on the sticker but the sys tab says its only 9gb

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