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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Crazy_Legs, Sep 8, 2008.

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  1. My old laptop is slowly dying and looking for a replacement.

    Acer ones seem 'good value' on the surface and have some positive reviews on Amazon.

    I am slightly wary of not getting something from a more 'recognised' manafacturer (HP, Toshiba, Sony etc etc), so was wondering if anyone on here has any experience or thoughts on them.


  2. Given the choice, I would go with Dell every time - better quality hardware and packages
  3. I've had an Acer laptop in the past. Build quality was OK, but the hinge for the screen started to go a bit floppy after a year of abuse involving a tour in Afghan. I will add that this was the previous Aspire model to the one currently in the shops.
    Now have a Dell laptop (a Vostro) which I really can't fault at all. Yes, it's not the lightest of laptops, but it has good build quality and the brand reputation behind it.
  4. I have an Acer, had it for 2.5 years and it is now breaking down on me and falling appart (even though it is used more like a home computer)

    My hubby's Packard Bell is still living after 3 years and I will be buying one of those next.

  5. I dont rate Acer's build quality, Dells better and more for your money
  6. We had Acer at work and they bugged me, but that was probably shit software installation/interaction.

    As an aside I nearly cooked my new Toshiba tablet on Friday - shut it down, put it in the bag, got it home and the screen was bright blue despite being folded - it hadn't shut down, it hadn't even gone into sleep and (get this) there isn't a sensor to detect overheating so it would have just kept heating up until it died. FFS. I was probably 5 minutes away from explaining how I had f****d £800 worth of new kit.
  7. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I'm still running this old Sony VIO from 2004 2.8gig pent 4 proc 512 ram, amazing sony black screen. Heavy as two bricks with not brilliant battery life but other than that its fantastic.
  8. Dell all the way, I have an acer its been back to the factory once and rebuilt by me twice.
  9. Try Asus. Good value for money and build like a Chally. yeah, well sort of... :)
  10. Must jump to the defence of Acer,i have the Acer Aspire 5920g and it is a great laptop and the build quality is good too.Great for games with Nvidia 8600m GT graphics and even has an HDMI socket for hooking up to tv.The newer 6920g looks not bad either with a larger screen and Blu-Ray drive.Must admit that Dell were pretty crap in the past but now their laptops quite good.
  11. Barman in my local is a computer geek by week-day and barman by evenings/Sundays. He bought an Acer net-book from Japan, mail order for £179. They upgraded the RAM and he has tweaked it to run XP. I want one and will certainly be procuring one. It is web-enabled and needs no dongle. The thing is bijou and elegant, even down to the dual character keyboard (Western/Jap) which I think lends charm. 9" screen may seem pathetically small to younger users but I remember when we had 8" monochrome screens but the "portable" was the size of a suitcase!
  12. YesItsMe

    YesItsMe LE Good Egg (charities)

    acer atm - wouldn't do it again

    the next one will be dell for sure
  13. Compaq Presario C500 had it for two years. Cost about £300 at the time but still works fine - touch wood :D
  14. My Acer HDD is pretty awful (they just bought a crap oem one) and my motherboard died under warranty...

    Other than that, good. Cheap and high spec. Acer largest laptop manufacturer in Europe.

    Asus have had their issues on build quality, dell are an evil corporation.

    I'd go IBM build quality, Sony gucciness and maybe HP if I lost my senses. Packard Bell would be a definite no and I've not been keen on Toshiba, we had a massive return rate on those.
  15. My Acer from PC World has withstood three years of hard service, bracing up to the worst baggage handlers at Bristol and Edinburgh could chuck at it. Or rather it, at.

    I am very taken with the Aspire One but I am starting a new job on Wednesday and suspect something a bit more pokey may be waiting for me!