Acer computers from Comet

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Bigt116, Aug 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,
    Had a friend, bought an Acer comp from comet, advertised as 1Gb of RAM, yet when I set it up it only shows 768Mb ?
    Helpline told her the other 256Mb was being used by the onboard graphics, any way (without opening the sealed case), I can check this ?
    The comp is running under Vista, (not an OS I am familiar with)
  2. oh dear.
  3. Try Googling: Belarc Advisor. A bit of software that goes through your computer,comes up with a page with a complete rundown on your system,great bit of software.
  4. Thanks RoofRat, but as yet she is not on the WWW, so probably not an option
    (Bravo Bravo, you are the epitome of nothing, ergo you are the personification of absolutely no use, many thanks for your 8 key presses, I realise it must have taken you a great deal of time to work out 1. where your fingers are. 2. where the keyboard is, and 3. what it was you were going to type).
  5. Oh dear :!:

    You can find out the information by looking in system settings. It should all be there.
  6. Cheers Lobster, as I said, not au fait with Vista, so not sure where to check actual physically installed memory. The only reason I ask is because I don't want to see her get ripped off, (any more)
  7. did it say it was running a 256mb graphic card in the spec?
  8. on board graphics

  9. Its as advertised then.

    They will be shared graphics. 1Gig total but the graphics borrows from the main bank as opposed to a seperate graphics card with its own cache.
  10. It will show in the BIOS and usually with an option to reduce it should you so wish. Accessing the BIOS differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, you could try holding down the delete key while booting up, or F2.

    A quick google shows Ctrl-Alt-Esc as a possibility for Acer laptops
  11. Off topic a little regarding ACER laptops, when you buy a pc or laptop , or a new hard drive it comes with a retail 12 month warrenty but hard drive also have a 3 years manufacturers warrenty, i am not sure if this is legal or not but ACER only have a 12 warrenty unless you buy a 3 year cover, a friend i know who's acer laptop was just short of 3 years old and the hard drive failed ACER said it was not covered as he did not buy the 3 year cover and charged him for a new hard drive.

    keep it in mind when buying ACER
  12. Some intresting info here

    about this. A huge article and there are lots of caveats the manufacturer might be able to use against you to avoid honouring warranties, but one very intresting piece of info:-

    "The Sale of Goods Act in the UK
    It is well worth noting that the Sale of Goods Act in the UK protects the purchase of goods over their expected useful life.

    This is valuable protection for goods that have an expected useful life that is longer than the standard 12-month warranty. It means that if the product, such as a desktop or laptop computer, has an expected useful life of four years, its owner can get it repaired or replaced if it dies within that period, regardless of any warranties, standard 12-month or extended. All computers should have a useful life of at least four years, so it is a waste of money to buy an extended warranty for a desktop or laptop computer. However, the vendor or manufacturer will probably try every trick in the book to avoid having to repair or replace a computer that is out of its warranty period and which has no extended warranty. That said, if you have the product examined by a reputable third party and then insist on your rights under the Sale of Goods Act, if the product fails within its expected useful life, you will always be entitled to having it repaired or replaced. "
  13. Hi,

    Acer PCs are quite decent, I have one of their laptops and it is better that a compaq. Google Crucial memory. com/uk and go to their website. type in the model number of the PC and see how much a gig or 2 of ram is. Then go and bid on eBay. if you put in 2 or more gig of RAM into the PC. it will be a lot more responsive.
  14. Be aware, as per the previous link I posted re warranties :- Some manufacturers will consider opening the case to add extra RAM as invalidating your warranty.
    That said, its one of the best, easiest and cheapest ways of improving performance

    As a PS, should you consider this, 4GB is your max without using Vista 64bit OS (Which I wouldnt reccomend to hardly anyone)
  15. Could just get yourself a nice plugin graphics card with its own onboard memory. Then disable the onboard card in BIOS and you'll get your RAM back.