Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldRedCap, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. I hesitate to ask this. Can the Monty Python script writers please comment elsewhere.
    The guy at Virginia Tech used two weapons. Killed 33 and injured another 15. So, certainly 48 rounds fired. Some say they saw 'bullets' (plural) hitting so he was at least double tapping. I've solved the question of reloading - I think. YMMV What I would be interested in is the total number of rounds fired but this has either not come out or is lost in the volumes of reports. However, what might assist me is knowing whether there is any form of forecasting accuracy levels. What ratio between the average marksman's rounds fired and hits scored? I realise that FIBUA involves some supressive fire. I left that when the main discussion was long bows or cross-bows as best weapons. I have done the walk down a FBI street so have some idea of deliberate shooting. If he hit 48 people, is it possible to assess how many misses he had?
    If this is likely to open the doors to trolls, let it drop please.
  2. In my (civvie) opinion, its impossible to judge a ratiofor a number of reasons
    1: at the moment we only know those he killed, and not the number of injured

    2: we don't know how many he fired randomly indo barred doors and the like (we know he did from witnesses)

    3: we can't make inferenced from what the military would do as they would not waste as many rounds, having other means to open doors, but could use more rounds to provide covering fire if required.

    On reading the linked article, i loved the quote
    They obviously were, ask the 33 students, oh you can't, becuase of those non dangerous 9mm rounds and non powerful .22 rounds
  3. On reading the linked article, i loved the quote

    Neither of the guns he carried—authorities haven't announced yet whether one or both were used—is particularly powerful or dangerous.

    They obviously were, ask the 33 students, oh you can't, becuase of those non dangerous 9mm rounds and non powerful .22 rounds

    I think the clue is in the conditioner "particularly". He could have borrowed Dirty Harry's Magnum etc or used one of the grease-gun squirters

    I would have thought that there is some sort of average hits/rounds. How else can they assess efficiency of methods and training?
  4. From what I gathered from news reports, he pumped at least three shots into many of those he hit/killed. I dont know it that is all of them with three or just some of them, or if any had more than three shots. He also shot some people through doors, he may have blasted at the door not knowing if he hit anyone or not. I'm sure the cops investigating will try to find all the bullets and casing but I dont know if they will publicize what they find. You may have to file some sort of request for a copy of the report to get at the detailed information you want.
  5. OK – I've now managed to get a report on the number of rounds fired.
    So, taking 48 hits with three rounds apiece we get 144 rounds that hit peop0le. 144 hits out of 225 is 64% effective. Has to be a bit better as he may well have hit some when firing through doors. Any weapons/shooting instructors here that can say what sort of performance that is?
  6. Incidentally according to Vengence Israeli assassination teams in the 70s were issued with .22s firing a deliberately low charged round. You don't need a big feck off gun to kill helpless people at close range.
  7. The difference is that you can monitor what a soldier takes into an exercise and debrief his performance.

    With this, we dont know what he took into the field, how many rounds were lost and not recovered. the expression "this is not a drill" comes to mind