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Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by 1810, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. "That was one of the Afridi Tribal fighters and none of them have a clue about gun handling, combat marksmanship, known distance marksmanship, cleaning their weapons etc…. So you end up getting muzzle flagged often which, as I recall, earned you a 5 minute room of pain session in Bravo 1/8 back in the day. You get muzzle flagged a lot from the Brit military too – their weapons handling is also atrocious.-"

    From Tim Lynch on his "Free range International" blog. Lynch ( like most US ) very critical of us but not a "hater".

    Accurate ? If so,what to do ?
  2. That largely depends on what in the good **** "muzzle flagged" means.
  3. WTF is "muzzle flagged"?

    If it is "not being careful where you are pointing your weapon", it is hardly unknown amongst the troops of the "land of the free and the early turkey dinner".
  4. At a guess? Having a weapon aimed at you.
  5. It means when someone is waving their weapon round like a flag with no regard as to where the muzzle is pointing.

    While the rule : "keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target" is now fairly well observed by British forces, the equally important rule "keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction" is unheard of to a large degree.
  6. Probably yet another ****ing Yank-ism to try and be ally or warry, or whatever the en-vogue term is this week. Like calling Afghanistan, the Gan, or Ganners, or Afghan. Its Afghanistan! I'm off on leave soon to the 'Tain (as in Great Britain). ****ing *****
  7. As a skiller I am laughing at be called atrocious by a sceptic! Anyone ever been on a range with them? I especially love the way they check the weapon is clear

    Muzzle flagging? I thought it was this:
    PunchStock: Image details for 57437246
  8. Also to note - I can't find it on his blog. It's not the 20th or 7th Nov posts and a search on "muzzle flagged" gets you nothing. Searching on "muzzle" or "Afridi" gets hits but nothing that's obviously the source of this quote. Noting obvious on his facebook either (which seems to just be links to his blog posts). Enough time wasted ...
  9. Muzzle Flagging is indeed the term for pointing your weapon at someone on your side due to failing to pay attention. If you watch US troops carefully you will note that they pay a lot of attention to lowering, or raising as the case may be, the weapon if required to "sweep" past a colleague. Brits do tend to be less conscientious of this aspect of weapon handling but then I would say that we mitigate it by being better at other aspects of weapon handling and generally less trigger happy. After all, there is more to shooting someone than pointing a gun at them. You also have to have the safety off and pull the trigger!
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  11. I think it is something along the lines of pointing a weapon at someone or something that isnt a target. For a moment i thought they had confused us with the French...

  12. thats how i understand it. i seem to rememeber some US Army bloke getting a hard on because a guy in my sections rifle muzzle was pointing at his knees. the fact that it was unloaded and slung across his back didnt seem to matter.

    i dont really think its something you need to get upset about.
  13. 'Hey Man, stop pointing that weapon at me!'
    'I'm not, i'm scratching my arse, it just happens to be pointing in your general direction'
    'Well stop it, or I'll pop a cap in your ass muthafucka!'
    'Who are you calling a Mo-Fo?, **********!'
    'Who are you calling a **********? Bitch!'
    '**** it, have a 5 round burst to the chest!'
    '**** you, have a 40mil grenade to the puss!'
    Blue on Blue, cos the Yanks are ****ing stupid *****!
  14. While some people might be over picky on the subject that doesn't mean it should be dismissed. Equally, it's not all that important who is "best" at weapon handling. Not pointing your weapon, intentionally or otherwise at people you don't want to kill is a "good thing".
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