accuracy international shiney scrounge

Has anyone got for sale any of the following?

Accuracy international:

Butt spike
carry strap / sling
case / bag

Also on look out for a reasonable pm2.

Treated self as an early chrimbo pressie yesterday to a remi 700 varmint with an AI stock. V impressed.


Was it just price that made you get that rather than the whole AI package? And pics please! I'm thinking of getting one or t'other myself.
Cant justify a full AI package, i don't shoot long range rifle all that much and to be honest much prefer iron sights on a No3 or No4.

That said, I saw this, had a play with it and wanted it.

2014-12-15 17.40.47.jpg
Ive just had another play with it. The trigger is simply perfect. Chuffed to bits with the entire thing. Apart from the gay bipod.

Very nice rifle. I'm always amazed at the versatility of the 700 and the different stocks available. What's wrong with the bipod? I have a 6-9 inch Harris on my 700 that looks very similar to yours. Get a pod-lock for it and it's perfect.
Either L96A1 or L118A1 would fetch strong money , especially with the case and sights etc , £3k upwards.
L118 yes as it's a AW but not so much for the L96. Unless it's sold cheap enough to justify the cost of rebarrelling.
AlanDnever post: 6159925 said:
Fantastic collection. I see the green colored scope the L96 would have been issued with but the rifle has a black scope fitted. Is this a later official pattern ?
As L96s have never been released for the civilian market I'd say it's an old photo of past sniper equipment.

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