Accumulated service medal


What is the qualifiing period for the above medal, and what campaigns or tours go towards it. Thanx


36 months is the qualifying period.  Northern Ireland is obviously the one that immediately springs to mind as the main contributor.  However in addition, any Op Tour that would have seen the award of GSM 1962 will contribute eg Op HAVEN (N Iraq), Armilla Patrol (Persian Gulf) etc.  Any other tour where a different medal is authorised eg Bosnia/ Cyprus/ Kosovo NATO or UN medal does not qualify.  I believe that the new Op service medal is also a non-qualifier.


Nearly right OPFOR but the qualifying period is 1080 days - the equivalent of 36 x 30 day months but actually 2 yrs 11 months and approx 2 weeks.  I know that sounds petty but I know people who have failed to get it for the sake of a few days.  

Hope this helps.


As I understand it they also subtract R&R and out of Theatre leave, I thought I was due it but was told I was 29 days short because of this.
Still saved me having to pay to get them all mounted again ;D

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I know someone may have said this before but to my understanding any tour which qualifies for a "British Medal" counts towards days for the ACSM. At the moment that includes NI, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq. The days can be built up over as long as it takes and once you reach the 1080 days you can apply to be awarded it. I am also sure that a tour in the Falklands counted until recently.

Hope thats some help :eek:
Almost right - a tour that qualifies for an OSM or a campaign medal (eg: Iraq) counts towards your ACSM.

The Falklands does not count and never has.

There is no longer an OSM issued for Sierra Leone (you can still get the UN one if you worked for them) - the UK one was discontinued a couple of years ago.

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