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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gizmo17, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. I finished my 22 in 2006 i have been told by some friends (Surpriseingly i have some) that the criteria for the accumalated service medal had changed to include tours other than NI and that i should apply for it.

    Is this the case ? this info was supplied over a pint or ten so id like to confirm before i make a right rocket of myself Phoning up the MOD.
  2. MoD Web site

    Qualifying criteria

    The ACSM is awarded for 1080 days aggregated service in those theatres for which the GSM (e.g. Northern Ireland, Air Ops Iraq), an OSM (e.g. Sierra Leone or Afghanistan) or the Iraq Medal has been issued. An additional 1080 days is required for the award of the Clasp to the ACSM. More than 1 Clasp may be earned.

    Separate criteria apply to Part-time members of the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) and Royal Irish (Home Service) Regiment.

    Full details are laid out in DCI Gen 65/94 and, for the RAF, AP3392 Vol 4 Leaflet 2007 Annex B.
  3. You could try phoning JPAC, but IMHO, you'd be better off trying to plait fog.

    I've got a medal in my office that obviously belongs to someone, and when I phoned up JPAC they said that they could only discuss his details if he was here. "If he was here, you fucking idiot, I'd give him his fucking medal" or words to that effect.

    Good luck with it. If you want me to have a try tomorrow (I'm blacklisted with JPAC anyway, so it's no skin off my nose) PM me.

    I swear to God people who work there are just laughing at me sometimes.
  4. How do you find out exactly how many days you have done? I think I'm pretty close to a bar (nothing new there :wink: ). Does JPA track this kind of thing?
  5. PM sent.

  6. Ha Ha ha :roll:
  7. Me too please Dale. The guys at my place are so pump they should be sent to Angola to help with drought.
  8. Cheers for the info i phoned the number supplied on the MOD veteran's site spoke to a nice sounding lady two days later had a form posted to me filled it in (name, rank, number) sent it back

    Just under three weeks later my medal arrives!!! sorted.
  9. Heard similar rumour today.
  10. You would probably lose your bet, prior to Iraq/Afghanistan the only contant tour was Northern Ireland. So unless you did several tours of NI or a three year posting there it was nearly impossible to get it. They didn't change the rules back then so I can't see them doing it in the near future.
  11. So how do you find out the number of days you're on then? I reckon I must be there or thereabouts but haven't got a clue how to find out?
  12. Sounds good to me, I'm currently sitting on about 750 days :D
  13. I think this would be a poor decision, and would devalue the medal. At the end of the day the ACSM represents the creditable achievement of having spent 1080 days on ops. 1080 days is 1080 days - it doesn't matter that NI is now off the agenda.

    I can imagine a similar level of disagreement in the conversations of yesteryear when the LS&GC qualifying time went from 18yrs to 15yrs.
  14. Or you could try taking it out of the box and reading the number, rank and name that's engraved on the edge.
  15. I think Dale was trying to track down where they were rather than who they are.
    Besides the number, rank and name are usually printed on the outside of the boxes.