Accumulated Campaign Service Medal

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by theatre-veg, Oct 28, 2004.

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  1. Can anyone provide me with the official qualifying periods/operations etc for this medal? I have already searched the forum - some say OSMs don't count, some say that they do. I would like to read it in black and white and then show it to our clerks - as opposed to telling them that I read it on a website somewhere/heard a bloke in the naafi/mess say so!
  2. It should be set out in DCI's mate - I don't know which one but I am sure someone will!!!

    You need 1080 days service which qualifys for either the GSM(NI) or the OSM(Afghan/Iraq) and that's it. Having said that I got mine just from NI so maybe the rest don't count?????????????
  3. This may help:

    Got a tenner?
  4. 36 Months is about right I got tossed the ACSM some years ago for NI and the "Operational Theatre" time is non-transferable ie time accumulated is applicable to one theatre (Campaign) only, in my case NI and you cannot add NI to Telic, to Afghanistan etc to make up the 36 months total. Mind you the way it is going more than a few of us will be picking up the Telic ACSM...

    Bottom line, 36 months in NI. 36 months in Afghanistan, or 36 in Iraq.
  5. I left the Army before the OSM, but the ACSM, which I have, was initiated as follows- 36 months service in a theatre that qualified for the award of a GSM. Mostly NI of course but Op Haven and others were not that uncommon. It is as the names suggests "accumulated", so it did not all have to be in one theatre, ie 6 months Op Haven 2.5 years NI would have got you it, and it did not all have to be continuous.(Contrary to crap I was told when serving)

    I am out 5 years so this may have changed, but a lot of rubbish was circulated about the qualification for this when I was in, and I suspect the same is true now. Just check the DCI, I learned never to trust those who will dismiss you quickly, as often no matter what they try to pretend they know less about the subject than you do, and what difference does it make to them if they give you a bum steer?

    An easy way to see if you are entitled is to see your clerk and apply for it, I did that when I could not get an exact answer to how long was required to find out I was 28 days short, but at least you get the DS answer.
  6. I have just qualified for mine having been 14 days short for the last 4 years.It was only recently that I was informed that Telic counted toward ACSM.
  7. Having read the bumf on the ACSM, you can mix and match NI with Afghanistan and Telic, although Im unsure about Sierra Leone, but I would imagine that if the OSM for Afghanistan counts, then so should the OSM for SL.
    I for one dont care Veggie boy, cos I got mine for being really sad and spending 5 years and 6 weeks in NI.
    Now get the brews in, bitch.
  8. The pucker gen word on the street is 1095 accumulated days in a theatre where you qualify for GSM, OSM(Afghan and SL) Theatres which are issued with a specific medal don't count. Hence Bosnia, Kosovo, Falklands and Gulf War etc, don't go towards qualifying date. Get your clerk to ring Glasgow to see how many days you have. Our clerk did and found out that I had qualified by over 30 days. They don't give em to you, you have to chase em!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    So do ex regs qualify by default or is there a cut off date?
  10. Now, here is a question for those who know or can give an appropriate answer....

    36 months service toward the CSM 1962 and OSM etc...

    What about soldiers, who have been awarded the GSM 1918-1962 and the CSM 1962 with an accumulated service of over the required 36 months!

    Does service, which led to the award of the GSM 1918-1962, count???
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Now you really would be retired so that would be a good case. How would you apply or would you have to purchase said medal & get engraved at own cost?
  12. Even if you are retired the government has to issue you with your medals if you are entitled!

    This does not cover replacement medals.

    The reason I asked is because my dad, who died last year, should have had the "south arabia" clasp to his CSM.... but never had it issued (sloppy clerks in this case).

    Upon requesting the clasp at the AMO.... they denied he was ever posted to Aden!!!!! Well cor blimey... his discharge opapers proved them wrong and "they are looking into the matter".

    So, I thought that they would love me requesting the ACMS for my father.

    Oh, and the buggers denied him the Canal Zone medal (better said) clasp because of 4 days or so......
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I remember a case where the GSM and NI clasp was issued so a funeral could take place as the lad died on ops inside the qualifying period (28 days help here?) so they may relent as he has passed away.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    In theory those of us with a 2 year tour and a 4 month op plus additional time in Ulster either further tours or CWS at Moscow, NIPG etc qualify then! Wow an extra gong for the CSM to threaten to stick up my ARSE! which is what he promised the first one. I can apply and then send it to my MP in disgust like my last one!