Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM), criteria help

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by u_didnt_c_me_i_wasnt_ther, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. not entirely sure if this is the right place to post?

    have looked up the criteria for this piece of tin on tinterweb and in the relevant dci, however still getting no joy in locating the exact criteria. :?

    heres what the mod site states

    The ACSM is awarded for 1080 days aggregated service in those theatres for which the GSM (e.g. Northern Ireland, Air Ops Iraq), an OSM (e.g. Sierra Leone or Afghanistan) or the Iraq Medal has been issued. An additional 1080 days is required for the award of the Clasp to the ACSM. More than 1 Clasp may be earned.

    now the magic word seems to be DAYS in the above paragraph, now heres the problem.

    3x 6 month tours of iraq
    1x 6 month tour of the stan
    1x 6 month tour of ni,
    a couple of short tours of the stan and iraq + many other short trips, weeks here and there etc.

    i reckoned on about 1296 days in theatre in total.

    go to apply for said gong as by my reckoning there are more than enough days, and then some. the chief clerk said that the medal is awarded in batches of 30 days or more (original medal qualifying period only). so the 3 tours,1 tour and 1 tour count but the other shorter trips dont count as afew of them are under the 30 day ruling. by the clerks reckoning it makes me 60 days short, another tour in short. itried arguing the case by quoting the dci and was fecked off and told that this is the policy and has always been like this :evil:

    can anyone please help clarify this situation as the mod website clearly states days and not blocks of 30.

    if i'm wrong then may i be the first to say that i'm outraged. :wink: :wink:
  2. Fcuk sake, stop going on Op Tours your going to end up dead :D !

    Why not just speak to the medal office in the new year. If you have a case not only will they know they can follow it up for you and usually (Although) busy are very helpful.
  3. I'm a few months off yet myself, but have struggled to get a direct answer when I've asked in the past on behalf of SNCOs under my command that I reckoned were qualified. I've generally encountered idleness on the part of AGC NCOs when I've been enquiring, which was quickly rectified after a chat with the RAO. Maybe you should try speaking to the organ grinder? Also your adj might be to send the rocket into the correct backside to get a result. A better arrse forum might be RHQ?

    From what I know it is counted in days, not blocks of 30. Though your R&R days don't count and neither does the qualifying time for the inital medal. IE. first 28 days of your first tour in Northern Ireland(back in the days of OP BANNER) wouldn't count, but all subsequent service there would. Likewise for TELIC/HERRICK.
  4. The full details are in in DCI Gen 65/94 so you will need to look it up when you get back to work.
  5. They might have been and the reference might be useful as background reading but DCIs remained extant for only 2 years. It should have been republished as a DIN.

    I'll have a look on t'web.

  6. Guess where I got that Reference.
  7. Once you have qualified for a medal in a theatre of operations then any days accumulated after that on subsequent tours in the same theatre (no matter how small) go towards the ACSM.

    What your clerk is referring to is if you go to Iraq for say 20 days and you don't qualify for the medal then those days won't qualify towards your ACSM either.
  8. R&R does count as it's classed as part of the tour. what doesn't count is adventure training and courses. The initial qualifying period of a medal also counts.
  9. Have you been watching Black Hawk Down again...?
  10. I'm sure it's been done to death but can anyone just remind me if bosnia (ifor) counts towards this award

  11. NO!!! only where a 'Queen's head' medal is awarded:

    OSM Sierra Leone, Democratic republic of congo and Afghanistan
    CSM Telic
  12. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Mine arrived some time after I'd left the Army. I didn't even know I'd got It, let alone what it was for, NI as it happens.

    Do you have to apply for it these days?
  13. No Mate,

    In basic speak, if the tour is awarded with the queens head then it qualifies, anything else is technically "loan service" where the crown/government is paid for the use of our troops (be that by the UN, NATO or another sovereign state (the latter usually on an individual basis))
  14. The poor cunts who haven't got it yet will certainly have to earn it in the current climate.

    And yes, you have to apply for it yourself.
  15. Just something else to clean? But kudos to the blokes (and girls) who have earnt it!