Accumulated Campaign Service Medal 2011

Discussion in 'Medals' started by Forever_Brunswick_Green, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. I'm really surprised that this thread hasn't gone frantic discussing the new medal! What's the matter with all the Walts out there?
  2. What new medal?
  3. That's the one! See Worcestershire Medals:

    Accumulated Campaign Service Medal 2011

    The MoD has released details of the change in regulations for the ACSM resulting in this new medal.

    The medal design is identical to the current medal except it will not be hallmarked on the rim, the ribbon however carries two gold stripes in the centre.

    The qualifying period has been reduced from three years (1080) days to two years (720) days.

    The change affects those serving and those who left the service after 1st January 2008. The medal is institued from 1st july this year so anyone havng qualifying period towards the old ACSM or a clasp to that will now have that service put to the new medal. Recipients of the three year medal may also be awarded the new ACSM 2011.

    Full details in our next newsletter. Full Size ribbon and medals in stock, miniature will arrive shortly and will be activated on our web site. Pictures will be available tomorrow.

    Full Size ribbon - FR0851

    Full Size Medal - MED0097

    Use these codes as a search on our on-line shop to see pictures from 19th August.
  4. How about you provide a link and a picture?
  5. Never heard of it?
  6. Oh goody gumdrops another gong!

    Linky? Bosnia doesn't count does it?
  7. So a website selling medals has been told about this new medal before an official announcement's been released to serving soldiers?
  8. Where did you get that from? The Worcstershire Medals website has no information on this and neither does the MOD website.
  9. I hope so, that would take me to a nice even 6 after Feb next year.
  10. i'd put your 'wah shields' up now lads while you have the chance.
  11. I believe it because I want to.
  12. Offs, I hope this is a wah, this shit is getting really ******* expensive!
  13. To be fair I searched the Worcstershire Medals website with this code MED0097 and got a hit for Accumulated Service Medal (2011). Would be strange that they'd know about this before anyone else, the QDJM and the criteria for it have been released already and it's not getting issued till February next year.
  14. Where is my medal for hiding a third sausage under a pile of beans?
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  15. Perhaps an indication (as if it wasnt obvious) that we arnt going anywhere apart from Afghan anytime in the near future. The rationale being the old ACSM was quite hard to get despite the Army being on several different Operations so if they are to lower the requirement its due to the fact we wont be going anywhere for a while?

    That sounds like the ramblings of a loon, apologies.