Accumulated campaign service gong/ Op granby

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by easypeasy, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question, Does the Op granby gong count towards the acsm
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    The clue is in the name, Campaign Service. 36 months Reg Service in NI or, for UDR/R Irish part timers 1080 duties. Leave and courses don't count towards the medal.
  3. I know of several RLC bods who have the ACSM and have never been to NI. Work out the Telic/Herrick tour interval for that.

  4. ...only the bit between 'ease springs' and 'endex' for your particular unit.
  5. Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (ACSM)

    Silver and circular in shape. The obverse of the medal shows the crowned effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse (shown here) bears the words ‘For Accumulated Campaign Service’ set within a four-part ribbon surrounded by a branch of oak leaves with laurel and olive leaves woven through the motto ribbon.


    Bears the design of laurel leaves. When the ribbon alone is worn, a silver rosette denotes award of the Clasp.


    Purple flanked by green edges with a central narrow stripe of gold to denote excellence.

    Qualifying criteria

    The ACSM is awarded for 1080 days aggregated service in those theatres for which the GSM (e.g. Northern Ireland, Air Ops Iraq), an OSM (e.g. Sierra Leone or Afghanistan) or the Iraq Medal has been issued. An additional 1080 days is required for the award of the Clasp to the ACSM. More than 1 Clasp may be earned.

    Separate criteria apply to Part-time members of the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) and Royal Irish (Home Service) Regiment.

    Full details are laid out in DCI Gen 65/94 and, for the RAF, AP3392 Vol 4 Leaflet 2007 Annex B.
  6. ...and more:

    The ACSM will be awarded for aggregated service since 14 Aug 69 in those theatres where the General Service Medal (1962) (GSM 62) with Clasp and for the Operational Service Medal or any new campaign medal specifically authorized to count, has been awarded. Currently those theatres are:

    a. Northern Ireland 14 Aug 69 to a date to be decided

    b. Dhofar 1 Oct 69 - 30 Sept 76

    c. Lebanon 7 Feb 83 - 9 Mar 84

    d. Mine Clearance - Gulf of Suez 15 Aug 84 - 15 Oct 84

    e. Gulf 17 Nov 86 - 28 Feb 89

    f. Kuwait 8 Mar 91 - 30 Sept 91

    g. Northern Iraq & Southern Turkey 6 Apr 91 - 17 Jul 91

    h. Air Operations Iraq 19 Sep 91 to a date to be decided

    i. Sierra Leone 5 May 2000-31 Jul 2002

    j. Afghanistan 11 Sep 2001 to date

    k. Iraq Medal 20 Jan 2003 to date

    Hopefully that clears the question up.
  7. So Granby wasn't a campaign then? Fool :roll:
  8. look Jim Shortt, what you don't know about the army would fill a library full of encyclopedias. so fuck off and do one you dopey walting cunt.

    p.s. check his other posts if you want to know why he gets this reaction.
  9. Errm.....yes, it was. And, for which, a seperate campaign medal was awarded. As was Op Corporate.

    However, neither of those campaigns counted toward the 1080 days for ACSM. It was introduced to further recognise General Service Medal 1962 criteria and to support the OSM.

    Simply put, GSM '62 was now full up and, other than 'Northern Ireland' would be closed to new business.

    .........and no, Jim, you can't award yourself one of them.
  10. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    I went to another Gulf war around 90-91, does that one count too :?
  11. I was 4 weeks short of a clasp for my ACSM and now I'm out, I did 5 years and 6 weeks in NI (which accounted for most of it) and the rest was made up of Telic and Sierra Leone.

    No it was a war, just like the Falklands. Telic has developed from a War into a campaign (probably)
  12. Good question. I don't know.
  13. campaign - a series of operations undertaken to achieve a set goal.