Accreditation Of Prior Learning & Experience

Ok, we have gained all the best training and qualifications, BUT, when push comes to shove, or otherwise, anyone any idea of the best sites, orgs or otherwise to gain those essential qualifications in readiness for the outside?

I have checked the C & G sites, senior awards, the ILM for membership or otherwise, what about our instructional ability, any ideas, guidance?

Seems the new CLM does the buisness, but what about sweeping us who have passed that phase earlier?

Does the DIT's course give accreditation?
having just gone through several interviews, the main thing is converting your experience into Civ Speak. remember, millions of kids have paperwork, remember the joke:

what do you say to a graduate on a Saturday afternoon? Err, make that a large fries please mate!!!

Paper looks good but what you really need to do is convert your valuable experience.
Be careful with the "best courses" bit mate. I think the harder you need to turn mil speak into civ quals the less relevant they become. Remember if you say you were in the army they will ask if you ever killed someone, if they ask what rank you were then they were probably ex mil and will not want to see you get above them!!!!
Good news, the DETS are about to issue a revised DIN on the application for senior awards at the City & Guilds.

WO1's will now be able to apply for membership and WO2's for graduateship. Retrospective applications are valid so long as not more than 2 years have passed after leaving.

Membership is comparable to a Masters, Graduate to a BSC.

Anyone know anything about CIPD Cert PP or Cert Trg, work has been going on for some time.

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