Accountant in BFG?

Anyone know of a good accountant who can crack a tax return in BFG? Would do an online return but have some complicating factors and have no clue about UK tax laws! Cheers
DannyBoy said:
Maybe you misheard me .. I'm looking for someone in BFG that can do tax returns? I gather you can't help?


therogueone said:
I might be able to help, I'm a qualified chartered accountant!
Is it possible to be an unqualified chartered accountant :? :wink:
therogueone said:
Dog Egg thanks for pointing out the studpidity of my post.
Your honour it wasnt me!

In all seriousness we are in need of an accountant that can lead us in the proper direction for our let properties and tax etc. So if you are pukka then I wouldnt mind getting intouch.
We're in Paderborn by the way.

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